General Questions:

Is this roleplay active?

Yes, though our activity differs than that of a normal roleplay. We focus on literacy and intricate plots so even if our dash seems to have not been posted on for a few hours, it is only because our members are working on their next big thing. Our out of character is just as important to us as our in-character, and we constantly have to-do’s that involve both.

What type of roleplay is this?
Is there an admin always around for me to talk to and ask questions?
There is a lot of information here and I’m worried I might not write well enough. Should I apply anyway?
This roleplay seems really complex. Are there resources available to help me?
Do you allow previous members from earlier seasons to reapply? Do you ban people?

Application Questions:

Do you accept OC’s?

No we do not. We believe that there are more than enough pre-written character biographies to choose from and it seems almost impossible that one of them will not fit the needs that you are looking for.

What should I write in the para sample? Do you give prompts if requested?
Do you ban certain FC’s? Can I request a new FC?

Member Questions:

What should I do if I see someone doing something against the rules?

Tell an admin asap.

Why isn’t my thread being replied to?
How do I tag triggering material, and what classifies as a trigger?

Gameplay Questions:

Is my character allowed to leave the country and go somewhere else? The people that lived in the country prior to Vinsor coming didn’t know about the rest of the world, right?

Your character is not allowed to leave the country. We want to keep all gameplay, history and present day, in Athoria. We understand that in the past we had many character histories and biographies stem from different areas of the world, but we are attempting to move into a completely different world setting in the future and this is just the start of that. There are a very few selected character biographies that may have traveled here from Vinsor (see Cato Appleby for example), but we have made it so that they either do not remember or their minds have been erased, or something similar. If your character has family that was from Vinsor, you can talk to an admin about how to incorporate that into some history pieces or headspace.

Anyone who was born in the country prior to Vinsor does not know of any other lands in the world. The country itself was heavily warded from the Fae siblings Din, Fafore, and Naryu in order to protect the portals to The Realm of Seven Islands. Needless to say, these people were stuck.

Does the country have a name, or do they just identify it by the regions? It’s confusing when we read Athoria even though the country is not called Athoria yet.