We here at Children of Athoria find it necessary to give out credit where it is appropriate as to not face future accounts of plagiarism. With that said:

This roleplay is for entertainment purposes only. This roleplay is an original idea and concept based around inspiration from various sources. We pull character ideas, plots, specie information, locations, etc from the growing media world including TV shows, books, movies, etc. Athoria itself is an original creation and the world inside of this roleplay is entirely fictional.

Any content suggested to the administrators from previous/current members or via ask (especially anon) is with the impression that the idea can be used, morphed, tampered with and edited to fit the contents of this game.

We do not take credit for member’s personal interpretations of characters or plots and stories, but the general basis in which these characters are based around is credited towards the administration team. Blogs without a disclaimer of their own do so at their own risk.

We do not claim any photos as our own. If you see something on this website that belongs to you, then let us know and we will either remove it promptly or give credit where necessary.

The childrenofathoria.com website is managed by Admin Cassiel. All front end development design is original work partnered with a wordpress platform and theme. Any questions regarding our code can be sent to the main. The tumblr theme for childrenofathoria-rp.tumblr.com has credit on the theme itself to the original creator.

This roleplay has the right to change, alter, edit, update, remove or add any additional disclaimer information at any given time.

Thank you,
Admin Emery

Specific Accreditation:

  • Graphics / Website Management by: Admin Cassiel
  • Original Story Content by: Our good friend Z and Admin Emery
  • Biographies/Character Ideas: All Admins