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    The Faire Folk

    The Faire Folk Fairie Roleplay


    It has been five years since the treaty between the Seelie and Unseelie faerie courts was reached. Now that the war is over, the rich and powerful can return to what they best, frivolity, celebration and flaunting their wealth. The lord and ladies of the fae courts have reached a new golden age, showering riches on lavish parties, excessive finery and a constant effort to outdo each other. But, despite the outward glitz and glamour of the aristocracy, lies, deceit and trickery still run rampant. One must be clever indeed to survive the rocky terrains of court life and keep all their secrets intact.

    The Faire Folk is a medieval, fantasy role-play based off of faerie lore. Because of it's mature subject matter it is 16+.

  • Genre: Superpowers + Mutants
    A Prison for the Gifted

    A Prison for the Gifted Genre: Superpowers + Mutants


    While Lake Grimstone may seem like a peaceful place for those with special abilities, it is far from it. With a new board of Directors taking the reins, everything began to change and the residents were quick to discover the truth. Add to that the infiltration of a radical group, the Rising Power (TRP), that claims to have the resident’s best interest at heart and that is a recipe for chaos. The strong hand that the government has had over the powerful citizens of the world is getting stronger and tighter. What used to be voluntary training sessions and exams have become mandatory which is causing much tension between government and residents. The tension has in return caused eruptions of discord between the two sides. With the help of The Rising Power, the residents are banding together in an effort to keep the government from treating them like less than human, but most of all they are preparing to fight for their freedom, a freedom that TRP has promised them.

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    Opened  JANUARY 14, 2017