⇻ TULLIA  is approximately 1000 YEARS OLD and is a LUPUS WEREWOLF. They resemble JAMIE CHUNG and are known to be an ELDER and COUNCIL MEMBER in PACK ANSHEGA.


Tullia is often seen in striking pops of color and wears jewelry with feathers and leather braids that mesh into their hair. It’s impossible to miss them in a crowd, and they prefer to be readily seen as they are often approached for their pack duties. They have found a love for raw materials that are processed into something utterly unique and beautiful, and if you catch them in the right mood, Tullia can talk about boring subjects like clay until their companions grow restless to escape.

Being a council member is an honor, and Tullia is one of the most trusted Elders in the Pack. When requested, one of their roles is to personally advise Alastair. This has given them access to information most of the pack does not know about. This can weigh worryingly on their mind, but they have grown to channel any concerns into busy work. Tullia’s primary role is to keep an eye on all the daily happenings in Hala involving the Pack directly. Any disputes, necessary planning for events, or opening of shops go through them.

Tullia is nimble and enjoys playing when the pack gets swept up in celebrations. Since they are not formally trained in fighting, Tullia is more inclined to be in a diplomatic position over using their fists. Their homid form is never entirely human-appearing. Tullia contains wolfish details like pointed ears or a little tuft of fur in random places which can make them stand out in a crowd.


Tullia loved their pack the moment they could understand the word. They grew up being the one to rally the family together should there be a need for it. Even at a young age Tullia could get everyone around a meal. They started getting involved with Hala when it first established. Back then, the humans and the wolves couldn’t speak directly together as their languages were different. It forced Tullia to get creative, using dance and songs, drawings and other artistic forms of expression to get their thoughts across. They learned the common tongue quickly and aided in teaching because of it.

After so much meddling, and after years passed to form the pack Anshega is today, Alastair recently granted Tullia the role of looking over The City of Hala. Hala has been through a lot in the last five hundred years, but one night is particularly haunting. Humanity can be fragile, and one of their planned events ended in the deaths of many artists and dancers. Tullia believes that if those humans had a body strong like a wolf then they would have survived the catastrophic event.

Because of this, Tullia discreetly escapes into the country to recruit the strongest and most fit humans. She tried to convince them to come to The City of Hala to hopefully incorporate their genes into the pack. There is a line of trickery and manipulation they tread accomplish this, especially within the Athorian Kingdom. Tullia has mastered dancing around intentions, letting people hear what they need to agree to her desires. They also target orphans and those people who do not have a family, as they are the easiest to convince to come back with them.

The danger is whether someone will catch onto her, and if this will be seen as a break of their peace treaty with the Athorian Kingdom. Tullia is innocent in their intentions, but their actions will likely have dire consequences.


  • Alastair: Their Alpha has always been a solid presence and Tullia makes sure to give their honest opinion when called on. 
  • Anshega: Tullia can be viewed as the Pack Mother when certain disputes arise or when they need a celebration planned. They find themselves often interrupted, but Tullia doesn’t mind. 
  • Daken: Tullia secretly keeps in touch with the ronin wolf, wishing they would apologize to Alastair and Inga and come home. 
  • Neasa: They swear they have seen this person lurking in the Ancient Forest, but they haven’t been able to get a straight answer on why they were there.
  • Annika: Tullia met them in Leeds a long ago and hasn’t learned of their new transformation yet.
  • Tristan: Tullia is more a best friend to Tristan over mother figure, and will do anything to help them. 


  1. Is there an art to delegating tasks in Hala? Do think you are developing a prejudice when it comes to giving work out since that event?
  2. Tell us about your travels. Do you go alone into Athoria? Has there been anything terrible which transpired while going through the Ancient Forest?

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