Tristan is a naturally handsome wolf with stern features and square shoulders. Tristan is chiseled beautifully and often shows off their visage by working shirtless. Laughing alongside their fellow pack members allows for a youthful smile to coat their lips, raising cheekbones to pointy tips. Their attraction is not masked by the dirt and wooden shavings of their job, and instead make for an added addition to their demeanor.

Like most wolves living in Vargulf Territory, Tristan has a reputation for working hard and staying busy. They adore living in the forest and conforms to nature quite easily. Constantly they are looking for something to do, whether it be working on small projects by themselves or helping their fellow town members keep up with their homes. Their construction work is impeccable, so good that often times people tell them that they could make a living building mansions in the new Athorian Region just north of their territory. These are just simple musings to Tristan, as they feel that the forests of Hala are where they truly belong.

At times, Tristan is known to have a temper and this causes some patrons to be weary when in their presence. Their stature, being broad and mostly intimidating, becomes frightening if they have been drinking too much. Picking on those lesser than them can become a habit and they will not hesitate to show off given the chance. Because of this trait, Tristan finds it difficult to settle down with a partner. Their attitude towards women in particular is not exactly friendly, which causes that gender to have personal issues with Tristan.

Tristan is full of pride. Being the child of packmaster Alastair in addition to being chosen by Mother Gaia to lead Pack Anshega is an honor, and one that Tristan uses to their advantage in any situation they can. They remind pack members of this honor all too often. They are a bit spoiled when it comes to this status; Tristan decides when they want to train and what they want to attend in terms of pack rituals and parties (though it is rare for them to miss out on any type of excitement), and so forth. Having pack members be obedient in these sometimes childish and silly demands keep their ego large. Regardless, Tristan is extremely powerful having the blood of the Alpha in their veins, and when it is time to crunch down, it seems that Alastair is the only one to be able to get Tristan to see reason.

Alastair makes Tristan travel to the Athorian Region and the new Castle of Athoria often on their behalf to attend certain ceremonies for the King and the court, noble parties, traditional feasts and other important activities. Tristan is expected to represent Anshega Pack, though Tristan does so in their own particular way. 


It is said that on the eve that the dragons from Dragos were set free from Vinsor was the night that Tristan was conceived. Tristan’s entire childhood was built on the fact that Mother Gaia had showed a mate of their fathers, packmaster Alastair, a vision of Tristan leading the pack one day in the future. Because of this prophecy, Tristan’s life was protected. As a child, it was rare to see them alone and there was always a Warrior or two hovering around them as they played with other children. Tristan always got what they wanted and did not realize how privileged they really were growing up. Regardless of this lifestyle as a child, Tristan showed to be a strong, competitive fighter who was surprisingly easy to train due to the fact that they naturally caught onto tactics quite simply. This was impressive and despite their growing, adolescent attitudes and demands, pack members began believing in the prophecy more and supporting Tristan as they grew.

There are still a handful of wolves that believe that Tristan is not fit to be Alpha, but these words are kept as gossip behind closed doors. Tristan does not tolerate anyone speaking ill of them and will go to great lengths to make sure that they are properly punished. Tristan has even been the result of a few Ronin werewolf banishment’s and Omega statuses, which does not help their need for support.


  • Elsu: Tristan really doesn’t like this wolf and even though the prophecy is Mother Gaia driven, Tristan has a hard time tapping into his spiritual side even with an adviser.
  • King Nathaniel: As young adults, Nathaniel and Tristan were forced to interact since both Alastair and Franco Athor knew they would both rule one day. 
  • Prya: Tristan met Prya on a hunting trip and hunted a black bear with them in hopes of showing off.
  • Nadine: Tristan sees Nadine at King Athor festivities and is said to have a special sort of relationship with them that other pack members do not approve of.

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