NITA is roughly 185 YEARS OLD and is a BITTEN WEREWOLF. They resemble SOFIA BOUTELLA and are currently a MEMBER of PACK ANSHEGA. They are a SPICE MAKER and TRADER and are training to be a WARRIOR.


Dressed in leather armors and lightweight materials made for traveling and fighting, Nita doesn’t make attempts to appear in any particular standard within society. Their style is unique to withstand the natural wear and tear from their work. The name “Nita” means “bear”, which has always been a namesake they have taken quite to heart, by wearing their claws as jewelry and their furs in the winter.  A leather hat typically resides on their head while they are working business, with hair that is braided randomly or in a messy, tangled jumble from the wind to give away their wolfish charms. Their smirk is alive with detail to their moods, depending on the degree of their inner feelings over a situation.

There is a burned X on their hand given by an enraged mage who took advantage of their young business mindset and aimed to ruin their reputation by cruelly scaring there. 

Nita’s voice has a booming energy behind it, a calloused foul-mouthed edge that can come across in different tones depending on the crowds. They keep up with the drunks of the quarry town of Hala with their warm attitudes with ease. Drinking is a favorite pastime of theirs, and it’s not unusual to see them drunk. Surprisingly, regardless of their nature, they are well sought after by the proper Lords of Athoria who manage new estates, and want to shower Nita in coin. They make a point to travel to them personally for the gold to aid the pack with the financial means new to the country.

Their anger is fierce and hot; a passion that yearns for the need to be heard above anything else. Trying to shut Nita up can be near impossible, and it’s sometimes better to let them burn themselves out than to stop the short-fused explosion. They do everything with a stubborn fire under their skin, and though they are known to be difficult under the surface, they are still someone who is seeking companionship to balance them out. They are a master at hand to hand combat, enjoying taking on the largest of foes just to knock them on their backs. But they are messy when incorporating team work and using their wolven skills in battle. They often use blunt wooden weapons and will equip them while traveling. 


Many years ago, Nita got into a bad situation with a dark warlock in Leeds who had thought their lack of noble attire was atrocious when they had came into town wanting to sell the spice powders they had made. Taking a leave from the situation hadn’t been an option, and Nita found themselves overpowered and chained outside of their home. Branded and humiliated in front of everyone, their once youthful attitude and excitement at starting their own business fell to complete shreds. It was slow in coming, their fear replacing with grief, and then morphing into an enraged soul. They remained on “display” for days, given only a ladle of water as they slowly starved to the near brink of death.

Nita didn’t want to die. After breaking their thumb and almost their wrist, they got themselves out of the holds. But it was tragically too late. Nita had already changed, and with time they set the score straight in the most horrible of ways. Involving the wrong people until it blew completely out of their control, they barely escaped the slaughter with their life. No one found out that they had been the cause of the horrific event, but that night haunts them still to this day and has become an issue of remorse they’ve never been able to get over. 

She happened upon Hala years later and established their spice business there. It would be the werewolves who explained they were actually a hybrid wolf at birth. Never knowing their family, Nita began looking at Pack Anshega as a community that they wanted to be a part of forever. After working hard to prove themselves to Alastair, they were bit. Their success currently resides in providing income for the Pack through their trade business, but they want a more prominent place in the pack. They have their her sights on being a Warrior and is training diligently towards this goal.


  • Pack Anshega: Family and pack life has given them  more opportunities than they ever had alone. They never doubts the direction they are headed and if anything, wants to be at the front lines in case something terrible arises. 
  • Alastair: Has allowed Nita to begin training to become a Warrior but they’ve made it known that their hot headed behavior will need to be shaped correctly while in combat. Out of everything, Nita has been told for decades now that their anger is their largest set-back.
  • Farryn: The two are great friends and Nita will try to tag along on Farryn’s important trips if they can. 
  • Azrael: Playfully reminds Nita about those souls they reaped from their outrage in Leeds and tries to barguin for certain spices to keep quiet. 


  • Have you ever killed anyone after you murdered all those people who humiliated you?
  • Describe why you love the spice trade and how you learned to grow such a successful business?

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