Mia has always been a comfortably hidden person within Athoria and were not anything too special. They have grown to enjoy not being noticed so they could live their life going with the flow. This gives them an opportunity to see the world from a different point of view. They are quiet and take things very slow, such as learning or speaking or completing tasks. Their ambitions allow them to be passionate and genuinely caring, but they lack in expressing it well and often their achievements are given to others who seem to shine brighter.

Wearing long robes that cover most of their body, they find a delightful treasured happiness in anything with the color blue. They will keep their hair naturally worn with small jewels pinned to maintain their bangs. Mia has had a strong connection with animals their entire life, finding them easier to converse with than people. Because of this, they have learned how to train birds, from carrier pigeons to falcons.

Even though their love of God is strong, they are conflicted with the truth that they will no longer be of the human specie. Mia is convinced that once they transform, they will not see the Heaven they have grown to believe they deserved upon their passing. Mia is not sure how God feels about them anymore, and this has caused them to spend much of their time considering what is right and wrong, and if it honestly matters anymore. The turmoil from their challenged principles has lead to them secretly loathing themselves. There is a dark place they visit when they think no one is around to care.


At fourteen, Mia had no choice but to join the church when they were recruiting members in Chile Village. It wasn’t as if they could find their voice to say ‘no’ when they were asked. Though luckily, Mia found that they surprisingly enjoyed the work and was excited about Brailston City. They learned the importance of volunteerism and aided in spreading happiness through small interactions whenever possible. Given the opportunity to receive schooling to read and write when they were sixteen gave Mia a boost in confidence they never experienced before. When they think back on making this life decision, it is one that holds no regret.

They had heard the stories about the werewolves of Anshega since they were a child. A mixture of tales from Ol’ Milly had their mind muddied with fear, but Mia was determined to not live their life in trepidation. Traveling to Miervaldis was their latest excuse to find peace from their new responsibility. Magic had fascinated them from a distance and they made to head there with a smile upon their face.

A recent wedding day at a church in Brailston was a day unlike no other. Mia came cross a beautiful person before them. Mia wanted to be with them, to touch them, and for the first time felt sexual desires creep up their spine. But before the moment could escalate, it was interrupted by a massive beast who collided into the pair to separate them. Holding their arm where a deep gash spilled blood in a trail along the cobblestone, they ran back into Brailston to find help.

Mia hasn’t transformed yet, but the coming full moon is one they are discovering an instinctual longing for. They are hot and constantly sweating, as if under a sickness that makes their bones ache. Mia doesn’t want to leave Brailston or the Church, but they aren’t sure what is about to happen. All Mia knows is that they do not want this.


  • Priya: They have always looked up to Priya, finding their ability to hunt in the forest for food beyond impressive and something they wish they could do. 
  • Ol’ Milly: Mia frequently stops by to bring song birds for the older woman and hear more stories about the world. 
  • Carina: Mia finds themself drawn by the poise and dominate personality of this noble and has been asked by the Church to see if they will donate money to their cause. 
  • Porter: Mia did something for Porter when they were only a child, and they hope this debt will be able to be collected upon sometime.


  1. How are you planning on hiding what you are when transformations aren’t fully in control?
  2. Do you think Anshega will find you? Stray wolves aren’t something that is normal for your kind. What will you do?

Additional Werewolf Bios