FARRYN is roughly 704 YEARS OLD and is a HOMID WEREWOLF. They resemble SONEQUA MARTIN-GREEN and are currently a WARRIOR and SPY for PACK ANSHEGA.


Farryn takes their position in Anshega seriously, and as such, they dress for the ready. Tall and slender, though fit beyond compare, Farryn is regarded for their tremendous agility and combative prowess. Being able to run at speeds unthinkable for many wolves, they find the will within to bring out the predator in themselves to strike down foes three times their size. Radiating a mesmerizing aura, Farryn can easily stop someone dead in their tracks by their looks alone when they are in the cities or approaching someone dangerous on their lands. They have a knack for speaking with their entire body, may it be the way their hands move in front of them or the expression on their face, that is eccentric and inviting.

Farryn is, as all people are, a complex riddle. While they love fighting, strategy, and the basic mental preparedness one must have to get through brutal combat, they also long for affection and to experience comfort in the form of a mate. Secretly, in the private confines of their home, they will write in a journal expressing the elusive ideal partner who they sometimes daydream of. It is easy to say that Farryn hides this side of them, preferring to dismiss their more passionate side for the sake of keeping their guard up. But it is much more complicated than that. It is less that she does it to keep others out purposefully and more that they has learned over time that being cold means surviving.

They are tough, both physically and mentally, and while their distant exterior can sometimes cause others to have preempted ideas about them, they are smart enough to know that there is a time and place where being aggressive can get their point across. Attempting to hide this, or trying to ‘tame’ their vibrant senses and the often sudden feelings of extreme adrenaline, force Farryn into having to meditate more than the older wolves to ground themselves. On top of this, all too often they seek the counsel of her Alpha and spiritual leaders whenever the opportunity arises. Guidance, to them, is essential – all wolves need it whether they have accepted so or not.

Being a spy for Alastair comes in many different forms and extremes. This has allowed Farryn to travel all over the country and especially north into the Athorian Region, where they casually take note of the surroundings and happenings to report back to their pack leader.


Farryn used to sit just outside the Ancient forest line and listen to the terrible horn blow through the lands from the Little John and Robin Hood myths. They could humor to hear the galloping hooves of the two centaurs as they sought after their prey. Human ears twitched, nostrils flared as if to scent them. But they could not do either with their human body. Farryn wanted to be a wolf more than anything else in their life so she could protect their home.

When Farryn turned, it was one of the most painful experiences of their lives. The bite alone had them screaming in agony, but the next transformation was one that they didn’t think they would survive. During the change, Farryn’s fear in her success suspended them in a half transformation. It is usually then that these humans perish, their souls unable to match to the shift into a wolf form. Farryn remembers everything that happened to them that night – from the pain of the fear of failure to the change that they finally demanded to finish when wolfish ears heard the collision of centaurs hooves in the distance

From that moment, Farryn wanted to be a warrior; they needed to prove they were worthy of this gift of immortality. They trained immediately, doing all they could to surpass their elders and learn from any who would teach them. Farryn is one of the packs top warriors, but as the years have proven– enemies change. The emergence of the vampire society in Brailston is troublesome, and Farryn is set to be sure they know everything they can about them so the pack is prepared.


  • Anshega: The pack has always been their family, even as a human. Though now, Farryn is more an outsider to customary celebrations as they have surpassed the younger generations. 
  • Nita: The two have grown close over the years, but Farryn is hesitant to give Nita any solid training in being a warrior with this newer threat of the vampires emerging. Their focus is torn. 
  • Rex: The loud-mouthed human is ironically very brave as much as stupid. Farryn keeps tabs on them whenever they are near the Wildwatch Outpost.
  • Azar: Farryn pretends to be interested in all the weaponary as a front for their actual interest in the adventures Azar is having. 


  • Do you still know who your biological family is among the humans in the City of Hala? Or has to much time passed?
  • What type of weapons do you like to use? Do you commission personalized pieces?

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