ELSU is approximately 1500 YEARS OLD and is a LUPUS WEREWOLF. They resemble AVAN JOGIA and are known to be an ELDER and SPIRITUAL ADVISER in PACK ANSHEGA.


Elsu Etu is a wolf born to outstretched arms of Mother Gaia. Their natural features are soft and delicate that seem to glow in the light of the blossoming moon, even when dealing with political matters of Pack Ashega. If threatened or experiencing the negative spiritual energy from their surroundings, Elsu has a way of shifting their expressions to be more stern, narrowing their eyes that ache with concern. They are tall with a primal air about them that comes with being centuries old. From ages of running wild and building up muscle mass, Elsu is toned but not enough to be considered large and hearty. Elsu is not an intimidating wolf, but they are well known around the entire country to be thought of and treated with respect. Elsu does not wear showy clothes and prefers to keep their attire simplistic by wearing handmade materials or nothing at all.

It is easy to get completely wrapped up when Elsu Etu speaks of their deity and the way of the wolf, or the histories of Pack Anshega and tales of a time before the wolves took humanoid forms blessed by Mother Gaia. They present fairly humble, calm, and assertive.

Elsu oversees most ceremonies – initiations, recruitment, etc – and is Pack Anshega’s go-to for immediate spiritual advice. Elsu is able to meditate for long hours of the day or night speaking to Mother Gaia and seeking council for Anshega’s guidance. Elsu is relied on heavily for difficult advice and is not afraid of sharing their opinions on certain matters that might be more challenging for others to express.

Elsu loves the earth, the grass, the universe – they are very in touch with the world around them. With Alastair at their side, Elsu is able to continue their teachings to the other wolves in the pack and takes a special type of care to work with the younger pups. Since the arrival of the Athorian Kingdom to the north of them, Elsu has begun to see the change in attitudes and the difference in their original way of packlife. Elsu is not discouraged by this change, though they do believe in secret that Alastair may not be able to adapt to it as easily as the younger kin. Because of this thought, Elsu succumbs themselves in teaching Tristan, the youngest kin to the packmaster and the prophesied leader, a slightly newer and different way of seeing the growing world, and hopes that other younger wolves will fall in line as well. 


As a wolf before Mother Gaia blessed them with a shapshifting ability, Elsu remembers running wild besides Alastair and their kindred throughout the Vargulf Territory. There was freedom in the wolven lands that Elsu connected with spiritually, and Elsu knew that so long as they were besides Alastair that their pack would see greatness. Elsu’s blood is rich with that of the natural bloodline, a wolf that was forged my Mother Gaia herself. Even after a shift into a humanoid form, Pack Anshega remained indigenous, proud, and strong – qualities that carried over through to their personal elder status. They remember how important it was to their family to preserve their heritage and the ways of the wolf, and so Elsu teaches and reminds their wolves of Anshega of that still to this day. 

Elsu has had several children over the years but decided to stop breeding when Tristan, the son of Alastair, was born thirty years ago. A prophecy from one of Alastair’s mates told of a future too secret and unfortunate to speak out loud. Needless to say, Elsu swore to Alastair not to speak of the prophecy, but the secret has been difficult to harbor. 

For now, Elsu Etu tends to their pack and practices the way of the wolf. They also document the history of Anshega Pack and keep this information safe.


  • Alastair: More brothers than packmates, Alastair and Elsu have been by each others side since the very beginning. Elsu continues to advise Alastair and keeps the prophecy of Tristan a secret.
  • Tristan: Elsu knows that Tristan is still carefree and spoiled due to their status in the pack and tries to guide them spiritually even though Tristan lacks a fundamental element to do so.
  • Vera: Elsu will never forget the night of the blood moon where Vera was touched by Mother Gaia and became a Seer.
  • King Nathaniel: Elsu had the honor of meeting Nathaniel when he was born in Dragos and attended the ceremony, offering Gaia’s blessing to the new King.
  • Major: Elsu and Major have met on several occasions to share information about astrology and the heavens.


  • Have you ever received guidance from Mother Gaia that you did not agree with? What did you do?
  • Do you think that the Church of Athoria is suspicious? 

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