CRIUS is roughly 236 YEARS OLD and is a LUPUS WEREWOLF. They resemble JASON MOMOA and is currently redeeming themselves after being made an OMEGA in PACK ANSHEGA.


There is no doubt Crius was born a wolf. Their stature is muscular, towering above the crowds even in homid skins. Their hair is tangled and long around their shoulders with facial hair that is cropped in various designs and often adorn with small beads or braids if outgrown. The children sometimes paint designs on their face and around their tattooed skin to further give them a discerning appearance. There is a scowl permanently etched down Crius’s face while the sun is up and they are forced to work alongside their kindred as Omega, but once night falls upon Vargulf Territory it is as if their burden of their mistake is not so heavy, and their smile finally relaxes the tension of the day.

Though they can be a clear threat visually, Crius has not been properly trained to be a warrior. No matter how much they exercise to stay in perfect shape or how much they falsely brag about it when under the influence of too much alcohol, Crius is officially banned from training by their Alpha until they prove themselves worthy of the time. Crius carries shame without a mask for this very reason. Surrounded by all the young pups and the older humans of the clan while doing menial tasks – like basket weaving or cleaning outhouses – forces them to stand out. They know this is on purpose to make them feel embarrassed and regretful of their status, and it works.

Beyond the exterior and stereotypes attached to their appearance, Crius finds themselves often engaged with humans with some level of hostility, be it subtle in bullying or in ignorance. Their Lupus pride is fierce even still as an Omega and most men tend to shy away from them when they are in town, not wanting to deal with their moods. They can’t help but be a little prejudice and no matter the punishment they still loath being asked to travel to other cites on silly tasks that involve interacting with those that tease them.

Crius takes orders well and doesn’t challenge the hierarchy of the pack or those in charge of putting them to work while in Hala. They have been known to get other troublemaker wolves in line when they aren’t following this basic principle. Crius can be bitter and off-putting on the outside and to strangers, but it is because they are determined to redeem themselves to their pack – and most importantly to Alastair.


Crius hadn’t expected to ever experience such a blood lust from getting jealous over a human, but they did so easily when they were turned down and embarrassed in front of a group of packmates in town. The human had just said the wrong things in the perfect way and Crius snapped. Crius’ wolf form is one to challenge many in size, powerful enough to crack the floorboards under its weight. They attacked the human who ran from them, which was an instant mistake. Their packmates attempted to restrain Crius and get them under control, but to no avail. They had no choice but to leave Crius to their maddened state, where Crius completely destroyed and leveled the tavern in its rage.

After the chaos and fighting, it appeared at first that no one was hurt. But Crius rose from the rubble tavern tasting blood on their tongue and cringed at the sight of their devastation. Frantically looking around for their packmates, it was then that Crius saw the result of their strange jealousy. A packmate held one of the younger pups against their chest. Unfortunately their arm had been ripped from their body. Though they were still alive, Crius will never forget the look of agony on their face as they locked eyes.

Crius found out later that the young wolf had actually been the brave one to pull Crius out of their rage at the expense of getting attacked. The loss of control scares Crius enough to consistently seek Mother Gaia through spiritual advisement with Elsu Etu in hopes that something like this doesn’t happen again. The guilt of harming someone so young eats away at their resolve to stay with the pack, and the idea that they could have been the cause of unbalance in Hala disturbs them. Alastair is certain they will find redemption, that a path will surface and Crius will not only be forgiven by Anshega but will also find a way to forgive themselves. But until then, Crius is trapped in their shame, working where they are needed.


  • Alastair: Crius had never been so scared in their life when they had to face Alastair that night. They had been certain they would be banished, but Alastair believed in them. Making Crius an Omega is still a better fate than a being banished as a ronin.
  • Pack Anshega: There is nothing they want more but for this incident to no longer feel like a mistake and burden on the pack. It’s still clear that some of his packmates think Crius should have been banished and this slight hostility comes out on hunting trips and when their Alpha isn’t around. 
  • Elsu: Crius works with Elsu often to find spiritual forgiveness and guidance.
  • Gage: They enjoy bringing a little hostility to the vampires tavern. 


  • Do you believe that Warrior training would help ground you? If so, do you have a plan to convince Alastair to let you begin training?
  • Does working with the humans in Hala with silly tasks help you more than you allow yourself to admit? Maybe you learned something new?

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