ALASTAIR is roughly 1500 YEARS OLD and is a LUPUS WEREWOLF. They resemble CLIVE STANDEN and is ALPHA to PACK ANSHEGA.


Alastair is the oldest known wolf in Athoria, and it shows in their mannerisms. They never quite fully transform in any extreme; instead, they are a blended shift that can make them larger than life and often intimidating. There is a respected power they hold around them without the need to say much with words. Alastair carries an air of hidden agenda in everything they do. This translates in a multitude of expressions that are used to their advantage. They have an uncanny ability to hide most of their immediate emotions, and many have had the misfortune to reading them wrong.

Choosing to engage on the front lines, they leap into any battle with confidence and their goal is to acquire first blood if applicable. Near silent in their pursuit, when the enemy finally sees’s them it is usually too late. Fighting hand to hand with deadly accuracy, they can quickly give commands to their warriors no matter their engagement. Their Garou form can become a monstrous and frightening size but can leave the Alpha in a state of blood lust that requires their most skilled wolves to bring them out of it.

Alastair is always on the move, willing to learn with their two hands how to handle something and is not lazy by any means. They have worked the mines and the quarry as any other laborer has, and they will assist with projects when they feel the need too. Alastair believes firmly that it is their primary duty as pack master to obtain knowledge as the greatest contribution to their home and future. With this in mind, they often leave and travel across the country with their spies and warriors to aid in their missions and to see exactly what is happening to their growing world with their own eyes.

Most of those people closest to them know a side of them that is paternal and affection. These emotions are reserved only for those special to them in their pack. It’s not beneath the Alpha to seek comforts of closeness and will often make a point to place themselves nearby for an open invitation to sit with them while they read or study. The children take the most advantage.


Alastair can still recall what it felt like before Gaia gifted their pack the ability to shapeshift. The connection with their Mother is profound. They find time to speak to her often for advice and realign their mind so they can face the unknown future. Alastair has had many children and personally turned many humans and hybrids, finding a prideful need to be the one to watch the pack grow because of their Alpha status. Ever still, there is a restlessness in Alastair that is unmistakable. Ever since the birth of Tristan, the wolves closest to Alastair can tell that they are unsatisfied with something, but they do not know what.

This unsettling feeling arrived many years ago when one of their wolves had a vision while they lied in bed with the Alpha. The flash of images was violent and threw the wolf into a seizure. Foam frothed from their mouth. Joints cracked into threatened shifting. Though it lasted only a few minutes, the wolf awoke to stare at Alastair with pure shock and fear so pungent they could feel the room fill with the emotion. The wolf died in their arms leaving Alastair shook and unsure what to do about what the mate had said in their last breath.

At the birth of their youngest Tristan, Alastair announced to the entire pack that Tristan was chosen by Gaia to be the next leader of Anshega. This was a well-designed lie to give their child the spotlight and profound love of the pack and allow himself to better prepare for what was to come. Alastair’s main objective is to infiltrate spies and warriors throughout Athoria and keep an eye on everything that is blossoming in the country and the Athorian Monarchy. With the emergence of vampires stepping out of their caves and into the cities, the wolves have made it their personal mission to eliminate their specie on Alastair’s orders.

Alastair knows peace is only possible until one of the sides betrays the other, and Alastair – no matter the front of offering anything but cooperation and peace to the Athorian Kingdom– is at the ready so that betrayal won’t cause catastrophic problems for their people.


  • Tristan: Alastair refuses to burden the youngest of their children with the truth of the vision and feeds into the hype of their own designed prophecy to give them everything they need to succeed.
  • Elsu: They are more siblings then best friends, and they are the only wolf in the pack that knows the truth about the vision and what could be coming.
  • Porter: Alastair has made it very clear that they are enemies.
  • King Nathaniel: Alastair will honor the peace treaty laid out by Nathaniel’s father, Franco Athor, so long as Nathaniel does the same.
  • Que: Some of the humans in their pack have said that this reaper has been wrongful in their judging of souls.


  • What is the process that the humans or hybrids who wish to be turned into werewolves undergo when it involves you directly?
  • Is there a place in the country that you find yourself visiting more than others? Why?

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