TATE was turned about 160 YEARS AGO and is a VAMPIRE. They resemble TILDA SWINTON and are known to be a BODY GUARD FOR HIRE.


If Tate is in “warrior mode” – which they always are – they won’t be seen or heard, even by the most perceptive humans. They were an expert in stealth before they were turned, and their vampyric nature only improved it. Their clothes are made specifically to blend in with the night; a hidden assassin who wields the darkness to their advantage when protecting those that pay. Upon their persons at all times lie trinkets from their victims. Their attire is a shrine to every killing spree they have made or had a hand in, and every life they have taken.

Tate’s facial expressions do not often allow for much emotion to shine through – mostly because they wouldn’t be good at expressing them regardless. They keep a rigid posture and a fighting stance, ready to defend at all times. Their hair is permanently short.

Tate hasn’t evolved much since becoming a creature of the moon. They are vigilant in their duty and purpose as a hired guard, finding it the perfect way to both kill mercilessly if need be and do their duty to society. They revel in being a vampire, conquering life a thousand times over each and every night. Beneath their reserved exterior is a sleeping dragon just waiting to breathe in the air and exhale a blaze of scorching fire. No one is quite sure what will happen when the monster below the skin of such a predator is awakened, so they tend to opt to stay out of their way, allowing Tate the freedom to embrace the creature they are.

All in all, Tate lives by their own vampyric moral code. It takes a lot to earn their respect and trust outside of paying them to keep you safe. When it comes to their company, Tate will defend you with everything they have, but don’t expect them to sacrifice their life for yours if the time comes to it. A horrid and bloody fighter, Tate is known to protect some of the countries worst criminals. Others will hire them for safe passage through the Hallowed Oak or through the mountains that are littered with goblins and giants, and opposing species might pay Tate to keep important people safe while they are visiting Athoria from elsewhere.


As the second child of a head guard to an extremely wealthy businessman in Leeds, Tate learned early on what it was like to live in their brother’s shadow. Tate was a disappointment for reasons that they never understood. Tate longed to wield a sword and protect people in need, but all of the glory went to their brother instead. Tate and their brother were extremely close, regardless of the rift that their father tried to put between them. In secret, their brother would train Tate as well, but they feared the day that the brother would be sold elsewhere for his skills. When that day finally came, the thought of being separated was unbearable. Tate tricked their father to believing they had run away and instead they joined their brother in their new position as being a personal guard to a wealthy family in Crescent Grove.

The wealthy farmlands seemed harmless enough, but the secret blood-feud between the families left most people skeptical and paranoid. Tate and their brother took turns guarding the family, going with them when they traveled, or even just staying awake and watching the homes at night. Vampires had begun to slowly trickle down from the caves inside Verasova Mountains and this made the families in The Grove even more skeptical of their surroundings. As Night Haven began to be constructed, Tate found themselves learning how to fight in an entirely different way with an entirely different type of threat.

One particularly eerie night, a small haven of bloodthirsty vampires attacked the farm in which Tate and their brother were stationed, and Tate was kidnapped. Their personal captor was a feral vampire who dragged Tate back to the darkness of the caves. For many nights they fed on Tate, hoping to keep them as their own personal meal, but Tate had other plans. Conforming to the situation, Tate managed to free themselves from their chains and attacked the vampire, but the fight was daunting. In the process, the vampire’s blood entered Tate’s mouth and even though in the end Tate slaughtered the monster, the transition of the undead would take place. Tate survived the change alone. In the end, their brother and the family they protected had perished. Tate found revenge soon after, but it was not enough. Now as an immortal creature, Tate dedicates themselves to continuing to protect those that need it, and the many years have made them quite bitter and resentful.


  • Nadine: Tate’s only progeny, they found the morals and ideas of Nadine to be extremely well thought out and impressive. Tate knows that Nadine will make a difference in the world of vampires and wants Nadine to be a better vampire than Tate ever could be.
  • Johan: Tate is hired often to protect the suspicious wares for the witch.
  • Derek: They would eventually like to have a long conversation about their maker.


  • Have you ever protected someone who you wish you had killed instead?
  • Do you think there is a conflict with the way you operate versus the way The Midnight Congregation would like vampires to live in this new world?

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