RAVEN is roughly 70 YEARS OLD and is a VAMPIRE. They resemble LAVERNE COX and are currently a FENCE in the EMERALD HAND and owns a PAWN SHOP in BRAILSTON.


There is a rustic beauty about Raven. Tresses are left down around their shoulders, pulled back in necessity when they are on their face. They wear middle-class clothes while conducting business, choosing attire that is comfortable to wear and contains some level of armor. Dresses are only for special occasions. Though not discouraged, they did lose her left arm permanently from the elbow down from a house fire while they were under the daylight coma.

Raven loathes this new generation of newborn vampires that are running into Brailston and trying to make something of themselves when Raven themselves have been in the country for so long. They wish the new society would leave them be and Raven refuses to join no matter how sweet they make the deals. Regardless of how mean they are their continuously flocked by the youth much to their disdain who are looking to break the rules or experience some bad behavior that won’t get them in too much trouble. They enjoy a sadist twist to their kills in private and will travel very far to find the perfect blood doll to their taste. They can be messy on purpose, enjoying the screams of their victims or the control of lust over them until they’ve got to clean up the murders. Then the bitterness resurfaces, and Raven begrudgingly takes the time to hide all the evidence so they can live in peace.

Raven is well practiced with a sword, so much that they boldly carry one on their hip at all times. Of all things, they enjoy negotiation. Striking a deal and working a price on the items they fence creates a natural high in their life. The reputation they have developed so far within the criminal community and with the Thieves Guild is spreading faster than anyone expected, having only been at it for a few years in the new  city.

All their life they have only ever found themselves surrounded by humans and their kin. Raven has no inclination or care to which species they should hate by society means leaving them open to form their own opinions.


Born in Grimsby, Raven was never satisfied with anything since the town was a mess of mean people and hard-working townsfolk's. An awful hatred brewed towards their parents because of it. On their twenty-sixth birthday, Raven met a vampire who had watched them for years from a cave high in the mountains that overlooked the old town. When the vampire finally took them, Raven hardly remembered how much they fed or how it felt. Instead, Raven went through a two day transformation on their own inside the mountains before the urge to feed was overpowering.

Their first kill was their parents.

Two years later Raven was attacked. They had been with one of their lovers– another vampire who found themselves in their city. The coma had taken them both tangled together during the daylight. When Raven awoke, the entire bed was engulfed in flames. Their partner’s screams lasted near seconds before Raven watched them turn to ash and mush. Raven used a pillow to smother the flames on their arm, but they weren’t quick enough and they lost the limb entirely. Frightened for true death, Raven jumped from the window and watched as their home and business was burned to the ground.

They changed their name to Raven mostly because of their obsession with the birds as a child and to start over. Raven traveled into Night Haven for the safety of their species numbers. Deciding to stay there for until they learned that the new city of Brailston was being built by Franco Athor, they flocked to the city to reestablish their life. Opening a pawn shop in the new town proved fruitful and has since been the main fence for all stolen merchandise moving through it. 


  • Jiaying: At their appointment brought Raven onto the team for their proven success in moving stolen merchandise.
  • Marrada: The witch stops by often to relinquish items not selling on the Blackmarket in Leeds in hopes that Raven can. 
  • Midnight Congregation: Consistently believe that Raven's assets could be of use to their organization but Raven readily refuses. 


  • What is your favorite type of blood? Why’s that?
  • Have you ever acquired something in your store that caused you more problems than it was worth?

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