PHILLIP was turned THIRTY YEARS AGO and is a VAMPIRE. They resemble HALE APPLEMAN and are known to be an ELITE in THE MIDNIGHT CONGREGATION.


There is a strong need to be the absolute best when Phillip enters a room full of those they deem less. Needless to say, the revolution of vampires in Brailston has affected Phillip directly at their ego. Adorned in tight fitting vests and crisp pants, beautiful cuff links and perfect hairstyles, Phillip will not be seen in the public eye without putting on the perfect face and outfit first. Phillip has a unique aura that is a combination of enticing and alluring demeanor. They stand relaxed and comfortable, sometimes making it a point to be slightly different than others in order to stand out more. Attention is a necessity whenever Phillip is around; they enjoy all eyes to be right on them. Phillip usually wears white gloves and will even sometimes add a touch of color to the creases of their eyelids to enunciate their gaze.

Being a new Elite member of The Midnight Congregation has allowed Phillip to experience the more political side to the society. Phillip believes that they had more than proven their worth to The Eternal, but still they are careful not to become too complacent when in the presence of those of major importance, such as King Nathaniel or his associates. Though cocky and quite difficult to not notice, Phillip is still eager to learn the rights and wrongs of how to manipulate those people of the government to do the bidding of the Congregation. Phillip understands that one wrong move or one conversation could put their entire kindred at risk. The last thing Phillip wants to do is break the natural trust that others put into them. Phillip attempts to use their glamour as a last resort, but are finding that the politics of monarchy usually require it here and there.

Phillip has had three progenies from their time as a Socialite, but now that they are Elite status in the Congregation the vampire is focusing more on their newest Novitiates. While the more experienced vampires reap in the spotlight of the monarch, Phillip has plans to send these Novitiates into more dangerous territory as spies. They have already been warned not to step outside of their perimeter and roles in the society. 


Phillip’s parents were wealthy antique collectors in Leeds. They had many supernatural friends, including a witch that helped keep their home warded against those that wished to steal from them. Phillip took an interest in their parent’s hobby but did not enjoy the way their father treated their customers. He was overpricing everything and consistently lied, manipulating his friends. As a child, Phillip decided they would never be like their father, and when the old man passed away, Phillip inherited everything. While their mother cried and begged Phillip not to destroy all that his father had built, Phillip broke the estate into large pieces and entombed the items that held the most wealth throughout the mountains and parts of the underground black market. The only thing they kept was an ancient locket with engravings that even the Guild did not recognize.

For a few years afterward, Phillip became quite bored with their life. They felt as if they had reaped all of the benefits of Leeds and made allies in the right places, but their capital was collecting dust. It was then that Phillip heard of the new “King” in the east. Phillip had seen a dragon fly overhead at Leeds, and for a moment, they were no longer bored. Phillip left for the east that night prepared to meet with King Vinsor and put their wealth to use. Instead, Phillip met Franco Athor, a court member with a bigger plan for revolution. As a human, there was not much that Phillip could offer, but Franco had already made friends in darker places. A vampire offered to turn Phillip with high hopes of the Franco Rebellion being successful; and when it was. Phillip took place as a Socialite next to Porter and the newly founded Midnight Congregation. Their wealth paid for the laborers, the construction, and any workers that needed the coin.

For thirty years Phillip has been the primary means of finances to the constructional upkeep of Brailston but has recently been offered a position as an Elite. Phillip thrives as a vampire and has enjoyed their status, and is more curious than interested as to why the Elite level was offered without them having shown interest in the first place. The only hint they received was a brief mention of the old antique collection still hidden in the mountains making Phillip curious if they should risk digging up their past.


  • Porter: Phillip believes that Porter has more influence than they let on and tries to learn all they can from the vampire in regards to political conversation and motive. 
  • Sima: An old connection from Leeds, Phillip makes sure that these two definitely stay in touch. 
  • Raven: Phillip likes to stop by and see what sort of items Raven has gotten their hands on and if anything could be useful for the Novitiates.
  • Remy: The chatty and friendly Fae could be exactly who they need to hide a particular item they wish to remain secret. 


  • Do you think that there might be something among your Father’s antiques that The Congregation is after? How do you feel about that?
  • Was there any hesitation about turning into a vampire? 

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