NADINE was turned about 30 YEARS AGO and is a VAMPIRE. They resemble MAGGIE Q and are known to be a SOCIALITE in THE MIDNIGHT CONGREGATION and a THEATER OWNER in BRAILSTON.


Laced in garments of silk and jewelry of pearls and diamonds, Nadine has a ghostly appearance to them that is both radiant and terrifying. They are tall and slender and carry themselves properly no matter the situation. They choose to dress the part of a rich and powerful vampire living in the heart of Brailston among the growing Midnight Congregation, and along with their title as a Socialite comes a perfect smile and plush lips painted in deep hues of red. Rarely is Nadine seen without a seductive smirk that can be mistaken for lustful intentions when in actuality they are only preparing to feed or manipulate.

Being a progeny to Tate Grayson and part of the future of the vampyric revolution in Athoria allows Nadine to take the role of being a vampire extremely serious. They are accustomed to studying the bloodlines of families, the art and history of war, and other important diplomatic necessities that would come in handy. Tate’s blood is strong and laced with importance, and having a good name for themselves allows them to manage their popularity with fluency. They speak properly and shows respect when necessary, though some say they can be a bit spoiled.

Dancing is still a favorite pastime of Nadine’s today, having studied ballet when they were a human child. Nadine has performed all over the country, but nothing compares to the newly forged Crysanthany Theater in Brailston. There is a beauty in their dancing that is laced with glamour. While Nadine dances, crowds are hypnotized by their grace and succumb to their wishes quite easily.

Nadine has a temper than can shatter windows with just the sound of their voice, and it has been common for them in the past to go on extreme bloody rampages to fulfill their craving for murder. The Midnight Congregation, however, is strict on being careless and leaving a dirty trail, and therefore Nadine upholds their responsibility to clean up the mess.


As a mortal, Nadine had always been fascinated with the idea of politics and business. However, prior to the monarchy of Athoria, the country lacked a sense of direction and leadership. Nadine was repulsed at every city and never respected anyone that did not follow some sort of order. Their father was a wealthy man in Miervaldis who aided in the architecture of the beautiful city and was well-respected, but still his status in the world did not impress Nadine. In their mortal lives, Nadine attempted many times to begin some sort of political overview in the cities, approaching the wealthy and influential and stating their cases and propositions of some start of government, but nothing ever stuck.

When Nadine crossed paths with Tate Grayson, they shared insight on the same ideas. Tate spoke similarly of their own political beliefs and convinced Nadine that if they wished to be influential then being a vampire was their best option. After accepting to be turned, King Vinsor landed on the east coast of the country. Nadine was fascinated at the introduction of a monarchy and even more impressed when Franco Athor successfully rebelled. When the Midnight Congregation was formed and Brailston was being built, there was nothing that would hold Nadine back from being a part of the growing revolution.

Now, Nadine contributes to the growth of Brailston by running The Crysanthany Theater, a beautiful theater that welcomes all types of entertainment. As a Socialite in Midnight, Nadine is responsible for turning new recruits for the society, but there have been many issues along the way. Nadine has yet to successfully turn any new vampire, as they all perish in the two day fledgling process. This has put a large damper on Nadine’s confidence, though it has not stopped them from continuing to try.


  • Naomi: Nadine was more than thrilled to have them still perform but has to deal with the specters wrath when they are trap in a limbo driven time loop because of her death. 
  • Porter: As influential members of The Midnight Congregation, Porter and Nadine have been rumored to be a little more than just associates.
  • Tate: As Tate’s progeny, Nadine looks to their Sire as the most important person in their lives. They have a strong connection and Nadine hopes that Tate is proud of the vampire they have become.
  • Tristan: Nadine can't decide to be intrigued or cautious of the proclaimed future Alpha.


  • What sort of things erupt that nasty temper of yours?
  • Are you satisfied with the way the King is running the monarchy? Would you change anything?

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