KENJI is roughly 25 YEARS OLD and is a VAMPIRE. They appear as BOOBOO STEWART and are a NOVITIATE in the MIDNIGHT CONGREGATION as well as a FIGHTER in LEEDS.


Strikingly muscular and rarely dressed in appropriate attire while in any public setting, Kenji appears, at first glance, all brawn and no brains with smooth skin sculpted in envious and inducing ways. The vampire can’t help but walk around with a happy, stretched smile. Their hair is long, trailing down their back or kept tied with a piece of twine. They tend to wear basic leather armors, but their new lifestyle in Brailston and The Midnight Congregation seems to force them into better and richly attire that they just can’t seem to enjoy yet. A family ring made of copper adorns their left hand. The stone is rumored to carry a secret gift from their mother.

An actual child trapped in an immortal body, Kenji is a riot of childish tendencies wrapped up with an unwavering loyalty to their clan. Keeping Kenji’s attention is difficult. Bouncing on the balls of their feet and zipping around the room on a high ten with their energy nearly always has their accepting work without much thought as to why. This has given them a strong sense of importance in the most mundane tasks, and it’s their pleasure to run errands or do just about anything that their clan mates need without feeling used or abused.

The Midnight is their new family, and Kenji makes a point to have everyone feel extremely, and often overly, welcomed when they join up. Kenji strives to maintain the safe houses for the Congregation found in other cities between jobs by making sure they remain stocked with comforts. They’ve managed to negotiate with the right people to secure locations that are safe to sleep if they will be stuck there while visiting. They love the travel opportunities and more often than not Kenji brings new potential recruits because of their positive attitude.


Kenji was born in Leeds, and they loved it. They were recruited into the Fighting Pits when they were a teenager. There, they found the thrill of fighting something they excelled at. As their body grew more into an adult, they somehow kept a juvenile charm and vibrant spirit no matter the gruesome surroundings. But one match would prove to be their last as a human. Taking a beating to the point of near death, Kenji was dragged out of the ring and disposed of with a pile of corpses, being believed that they had perished.

When they awoke, Kenji saw a young appearing vampire who had developed an intense fan obsession with them from their fighting. They had taken Kenji to a place inside the caves of the Varasova Mountains and began the process of turning them in order to save the fighter from their massive wounds. Rising as the undead came with a thirst Kenji couldn’t contain in their early two years. The vampire that turned Kenji was highly untrained. Piles of bodies and messy killings lured humans and hunters onto their trail, making surviving difficult. Kenji’s maker couldn’t help with their blood-lust, and in a fit of uncontrollable anger and disappointment they ordered Kenji to stand alone in Brailston with an actual sign around their neck for a vampire named Porter of the Midnight Congregation to claim and do with as they wished.

The abandonment broke something in Kenji, but no one has ever spoken to them about it. The Midnight took Kenji in on Porter’s orders, even though they hardly fit the part. They gave Kenji a purpose and enough distraction to start finding out who they really are in this growing world. With his clan mates, they helped curve their hunger into something more manageable to use for their own agendas. Kenji can still feel that their maker is alive, but they have no desire to find them. Their focus is on the ‘now’ by following orders and falling into line.


  • Porter: Kenji is constantly asking Porter what they are up too and will gladly take any work they have for them off their plate. 
  • Sophia: They saw them often when they lived in Leeds as a human but since they were turned they’ve yet to find their friend.
  • Gregor & Brutus: These three often battle out their emotions in the pits though Kenji really enjoys the interactions a little too much. 
  • Ashley: Kenji really wants to taste Ashley's blood but is forbidden too so they instead aim to protect them whenever they are in Brailston. 


  • Why do you still fight in the Pits of Leeds?
  • What exactly do you keep stocked in the safe houses?

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