GRIGORI was turned about FIFTEEN YEARS AGO and is a VAMPIRE. They resemble PAUL WESLEY and are known to be PAINTER in NIGHT HAVEN.


Grigori has stern, chiseled features. With full lips and concerned eyes, this Vampire could easily stand out in a wave of people for these traits alone. Their eyes are an alluring shade of brown, and depending on the light they shift to yellow. Their hair his a chestnut color and is typically always perfectly in place. Grigori is a decent dresser, though is not at all concerned with putting on a good show for everyone else. They walk with a slight slump of their shoulders, their hands in their pockets, and their eyes always watching for those around them.

They are very quiet and listen well enough to retain information. When someone speaks to them, they force themselves to watch the way their lips move, the glisten in their eye, and since they are beginning to detect lies and emotions due to their specie abilities, Grigori will have a hard time trusting someone if they are not speaking the truth. Some people find their odd staring strange, as if they are trying too hard to be a normal member of society. But this is all Grigori has to offer; their social anxiety is very much a burden.

Grigori has a passion for drawing and painting, and although they have yet to claim themselves as an artist, they will sell their creations in order to barely survive in Night Haven. Most of the vampires in Night Haven take pity on the awkward vampire, so they tend to provide for them. Without their sister (and maker) around any longer, Grigori struggles with abandonment issues, which can reflect their sadness and their untidy need for some sort of interaction…whether that be sitting in a tavern for nights in a row hoping for someone to notice them, or glamoring the travelers to be their friend for the night.  

They are more than afraid of leaving the house and getting caught up in trouble that could be fatal. However, since their sister has recently left them, Grigori is attempting to travel to opposing cities more in hopes of proving some kind of unspoken point.


Grigori Mickael Jovan was born in Dragos about fourty-five years ago alongside his sister, Catina. They were twins, and unfortunately their mother died giving birth. Their father was a Dragon Priest and was responsible for caring for the dragon eggs. Due to his respected job among the other priests, Grigori and Catina lived a slightly privileged life away from the immediate threats of the lower class citizens of the massive city. While growing up, Catina reflected their father in many ways that upset Grigori, like treating people horribly or appearing extremely stubborn and stuck up. Catina was smarter and flirtatious and beautiful, and it was easy for her to make decisions for the both of them and get her way. Grigori was said to take on the traits of their mother; more reserved and shy. At the ages of fifteen, the King from the ocean, Vinsor, landed in Dragos and slain the Dragon Priests, including their father. The remaining dragon eggs were shipped away and Grigori and Catina, now orphaned, fell under the care of a Dragos native that secretly still worshiped the Dragon Priests. This impostor doubled as a loyal member to the new Kingdom of Franco Athor after the successful rebellion. For three years, the twins suffered abuse and neglect and witnessed horrors that most young, innocent children should never have to experience.

Catina was taken to The Keep in Dragos on their eighteenth birthday to meet Queen Athalia in hopes of receiving a position by her side as a handmaiden. But when Catina returned home after several days, she claimed she had fallen in love with a vampire that had appeared at court, and she was turned during her stay there. The vampire told Catina that they would all run away together, but the vampire lied. Instead, they left for Brailston leaving Catina heartbroken and angry. Together, the siblings decided to flee the city, feeling that the Dragon Priest worshiper that cared for them would do more harm than good for Catina. They spent many years on the road together and ended up in Night Haven. While Grigori aged, Catina stayed the physical appearance of an eighteen year old girl. Among the vampires, Catina felt more comfortable, but the change in dynamics between Grigori and Catina put a new strain on their relationship. When Grigori turned thirty, they finally decided to take to the change so that they could be with their sister forever. Catina turned Grigori that night.  

After fifteen years together as undead, Catina has only just left her sibling behind. She claimed that she wanted to travel and explore the country, but Grigori knows she had lied. Grigori feels as though they had burdened her throughout the last fifteen years and held her back from any potential she might have, and their self-loathing about the situation reflects in their day to day life. Grigori is not sure what is in store for them next, or if they are truly safe without Catina looking out for them.


  • Harriett: Grigori rarely feeds from anyone outside of Harriett’s blood doll house and they feel more in control of their blood lust needs when they are there. 
  • Rex: A childhood friend, Grigori wonders how Rex is doing after all these years apart.
  • Tate: Grigori knows that Tate would be a good mentor for them, but they can’t seem to find the courage to ask for their help.                            
  • Kei: Their blood smells unlike anything in Night Haven and it takes every ounce of control to mask gratefulness for the art supplies.
  • Nadine: Grigori wants to work up the courage to ask Nadine to model for a painting one day.


  • Don’t you think it’s strange that Catina would leave you after everything you two have been through?
  • Will you ever look for the vampire that turned your sister?

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