GAGE was turned about 3 YEARS AGO and is a VAMPIRE. They resemble RUBY ROSE and are known to be a BARTENDER in SOUTHWIND FORTRESS.


Although a lot of people are put off by Gage’s flamboyant appearance, they are a free spirit with taste for the taboo. Gage prefers the darker colors, edging from red to black and back again. They know exactly where to draw their makeup to accentuate their features. They are not obsessive over their appearance but their vain streak doesn’t hide very well. Their eyes are always lined, giving them an innocent, playful appearance. Their fair skin is paired with shockingly black hair that doesn’t behave and is cut short. While usually wearing black, they have a “grunge” style with the main details being overly distressed fabrics..

Gage does not do well with any authority figure and so they fit into the atmosphere of Southwind Fortress almost perfectly, where their freedom is allowed and they do not have to worry about The Midnight Congregation breathing down their neck or the corruption of Leeds. 

Gage struggles both internally and externally with lack of proper vampyric training and is succumbed easily to their inner beast. Mischievous, cunning, dangerous and unstable are simple words that describe this young vampire perfectly. This causes them to be reckless at times and they have a habit of making the wrong decisions. As long as their consequences do not affect their position with the  Anshega Pack (who loom closely and watch them intently), Gage cares little for what happens to them in these types of dangerous situations. They are a loose canon, with a mouth that gets them into more trouble than they ask for. Though most people in Southwind Fortress are used to their behavior, this gets them into brawls when traveling to other cities.

Taking extended hiatuses away from Southwind Fortress is not uncommon. Gage marvels in the nightlife of Brailston and fits into the hearty crowd well. Steering clear of potential recruiters from Midnight, Gage is determined to keep their freedom.


People know very little about Gage, and when asked about their past Gage tends to use sarcasm and redirection to avoid the conversation. This adds to their mysteriousness, and they can even be found making up stories to their customers in Southwind that are dramatic and clearly not true. If you can manage to read between the lines of their words, the story will tell the tale of a young and naive child who tended to take the tales and myths of Ol’ Milly in Chile Village too literally, and instead of becoming scared of the supernatural world they learned to be somewhat fearless. 

Gage was turned somewhere near Chile Village after watching a witch burning. Attending witch burning’s became a hobby and they traveled to and from opposing cities to witness one whenever they could. On one particular night heading back to Chile Village through Brailston, Gage encountered a vampire for the first time. The vampire was feeding from someone in an ally and for a moment Gage felt temporarily unafraid. They threw rocks and other objects at the monster hoping to scare it away. The plan backfired and the vampire came for Gage next. 

Gage’s maker was a young vampire who was officially on the run from The Midnight Congregation after a meeting that went wrong at the Ivory Tower. Whether it was the maker and progeny connection or just the fact that they felt bad about turning Gage, their Sire stuck around with Gage for only about a year in Chile Village trying to keep them under control. It was too dangerous, especially in Chile Village where Ol’Milly and the Kingdom felt very strongly about keeping Athorian's safe, as per the treaty agreements between the opposing country. Eventually The Midnight Congregation caught wind of them at Chile and Gage’s sire fled for their own safety. 

Somehow Gage convinced the Congregation to spare their own life and they took their leave to Southwind Fortress. Being close to Anshega Pack is not ideal, as the werewolves there are extremely weary of the vampyric race. But Gage likes to think that they are not a threat to anyone or any organization. Gage doesn’t think they’ll last too much longer in their life of immortality, so they live every night as if it were their last.


  • Oz: They share a common history from Chile Village. 
  • Midnight Congregation: Gage is waiting for the day they change their mind about letting them survive. 
  • Landon: Gage is surprisingly open about letting Landon perform when they are traveling through. 
  • Crius: They are wary when Crius shows up having heard the the rumors from Hala about the omega. 


  • Do you think your Sire is still alive? 
  • Why were you so obsessed with watching witch’s burn at the stake? Do you still attend burning's?

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