DEREK is approximately 200 YEARS OLD and is a VAMPIRE. They resemble STEPHEN AMELL and are known to be UNEMPLOYED.


It is readily apparent that Derek is not one to be trifled with just by the distant and daunting look on their face. They can be intimidating at first to avoid dealing with nonsense and such of the like, but those that Derek trusts know them better than that. They are the only ones able to see through the tormented past and see Derek for the growing member of society that they are attempting to become.

Ryder’s tough look is not always an illusion, though. Today their muscles ripple off of them in sets, showing only a fraction of their true Vampyric strength. Their height is abnormal compared to mortal humans, and their broad stature is an ominous foreshadowing to the damage they can do.

There is a lot Derek does not understand anymore regarding humanity. Most things such as jokes or sarcasm seem to fly over their head easily enough, and they are not above scrunching their face in confusion and giving someone a questionable look when they present them with something their head cannot wrap itself around. They also lack understanding when it comes to compassion, in many instances. This often causes them to be aloof, or for social cues to fly right over their head, making them appear colder and detached than they truly are. Their adept knowledge mainly extends to street smarts and brash conversation.

Derek takes everything at face value, which causes most of their problems. If it’s not plainly in front of them, it’s a hit or miss. They prefer things to be spelled out, not tiptoed around in an obnoxious way.

Becoming a vampire has deeply disconnected Derek from their human life. They can be seen standing “guard” at Brightview Inn or The Leaky Leaf, hovering in the shadows almost feral, begging someone to have a go at them. Survival is the most important concept to Derek, and now that they are out of the Verasova Mountain caves where most vampires lived for so long, they are attempting to reconnect to society. 


Derek doesn’t always remember who they were or where they came from before or after they were turned, but sometimes those memories trickle back to them in stressful situations in forms of visible flashbacks. Those memories can be detrimental to their mood to both extremes. What they do remember is being a lazy, skittish person who never really amounted to anything while they were human. They were a disappointment to not only themselves but to those around them. When Derek was bitten by the original demonic vampire and turned, they lived in darkness for countless years. They remember their body changing into a monster; their skin paling, their back hunching, their incredible thirst for blood and unable to receive the substance they needed, their weakness and not being able to move or dream or even think for themselves.

Flashbacks of the original creator are vague and only come in pixilated spurs due to the glamour. But when it comes to life inside the caves, Derek can never forget how even death did not seem like an accurate escape from their torturous change.

When Night Haven was constructed, many vampires left the caves and sought the safety of attempted normalcy, creating houses and businesses as if they were human again. It was a concept that Derek could not understand; their mind had been too warped, too damaged to the darkness of the caves. And when Brailston and The Midnight Congregation were starting to rise in power of a secret vampyric revolution, Derek only sank further into the tunnels.  

Derek’s beacon of light was a human whose scent they caught as they left Crescent Grove and headed towards Leeds. Annika Keeley was the first human interest that Derek did not want to snatch into the caves and feast on, or murder in cold blood. For years they secretly watched them, venturing out of the caves more and more, attempting to go into Leeds. Derek was curious about their life and hated themselves for being so intrigued. When Annika left back to Crescent Grove, Derek went with them. Their connection to Annika was somehow received both ways, and when they offered to turn Annika they accepted.

Today, Derek is not the best when it comes to being a mentor, but they are learning what it means to be a part of society again. They tend to leave often and without warning, but Derek never stays away from Annika for too long.


  • Annika: A strange emotion runs deep with Annika, a clashing mixture of love, desire, and curiosity. Derek knows that without Annika they would have never been able to leave the caves and begin to assimilate back into society.
  • Porter: They lived different lives while stuck in the caves when the vampires were unwelcome to society. Porter tried to convince Derek to come with them to Brailston, but Derek refused.
  • Harriet: They provide blood for Annika and Derek which helps take some of the burden off the maker.
  • Reyson: They do not like this witch. 
  • Marrada: Was the first person to interact with Derek when they visited Leeds. 


  • What cities are you interested in traveling to now that you finally got out of those caves? Any hope for learning a trade?
  • Was it selfish to turn Annika? Do you regret it?

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