⇻ CLAUDINE appears to be 37 YEARS OLD and was turned 10 YEARS AGO and is a VAMPIRE. They resemble KAREN DAVID and are known to be  and REPRESENTATIVE in THE MIDNIGHT CONGREGATION. 


Many that see Claudine on a regular basis know them by their beautiful gowns and elaborate up-do’s. They see a painted face that may be a little extravagant at times and posture that is slightly dramatic. As a vampire, Claudine thrives in the setting of the Congregation and knows that this was the best choice for their course of immortality. Given their status and a culture in which to live lusciously, Claudine finds their kindred to be nothing more than steps on a pedestal to get them closer to their goals within the Kingdom. When freshly fed, Claudine can be a force to be reckoned given their affinity for glamour.

Claudine has an obvious obsession with Athoria and because of this, they are willing to do whatever it takes to be at the front of the court for all eyes to see. They find the monarchy to be a beautiful example of power and want nothing more than for the vampires to harness that power for themselves. Claudine is smart; they know that it will take time and possibly generations in order to infiltrate entirely, but Claudine is impatient and wants that glory now. Claudine’s personal goal within the society is to make sure that Nathaniel turns to the vampires of the Congregation for support and council rather than his own people.

Sometimes Claudine takes too many risks in regards to glamouring guards or clergymen of the church, and find risky behavior to be a thrill. They even have glamoured humans that purposefully spread good gossip about the Congregation throughout the entire country, which has backfired numerous times. Claudine enjoys using the people of King Nathaniel’s court and even his supporters in the rest of the country as puppets, sometimes whispering silly things for them to do or say at parties or events, if only to make the vampires look classier in the end. They have a hard time finding others in the Congregation that share their childish ways and because of this they can be somewhat isolated and tend to stick with Novitiates instead of those of equal status.

This vampire is gullible when it comes to friendships, and although they know that they are often talked about behind their back, they still return to these vampires as if they do not know about their chattering. Claudine fabricates a lie or flirts their way out of uncomfortable conversation, and chooses to hear only what they want. This is especially helpful in Miervaldis where they are the official representative for The Midnight Congregation. Their hometown mostly dislikes Claudine due to their snobbish tendencies and ignorance towards the history of species. Again, Claudine has a distorted view about who enjoys their company, and does not entirely notice Miervaldis’s disdain. As an Elite, Claudine will sometimes bring Novitiates along with them to experience the diplomatic side to being in the Congregation.


Claudine’s mother was a witch in Miervaldis known for her extravagant, and almost humorous, prophecies. They were so dramatic and flighty that The Magic Guild paid little attention to them, dismissing them easily or only pretending to take them into account. This made Claudine’s family somewhat of a joke in town, but they made up for it with their father’s pottery skills. The three of them worked a business shaping pottery and small architectural pieces for the many temples in Miervaldis. Claudine was a happy child who manifested magic like their mother, but they lacked excitement, and would often run away. When word came that King Franco Athor and Alastair of Pack Anshega were building a fortress at the bottom of Trinity Bay, Claudine left home at seventeen to be a part of its upbringing.

Staying in Southwind for about twenty years, word came from home that their mother had been brutally kidnapped due to one of her prophecies. Claudine hired sell-swords for assistance, and even reached out to the Athoria Kingdom for help, but their mother was gone. Claudine sulked back to Southwind Fortress depressed with grief. Having spent their entire life savings on the hunt for their mother, Claudine sold their business in defeat. 

On the night they were to leave back to Miervaldis, Claudine was approached by a member of The Midnight Congregation. The vampire claimed to know of Claudine’s mother and the prophecy of which she was silenced for. They explained to them that the prophecy somehow involved Claudine entering the world of immortality and standing alongside the Congregation to infiltrate Athoria, and that it would save the entire country from war. Unfortunately, this was all the information they had. Ever gullible, Claudine agreed to be turned.

After becoming a member of The Midnight Congregation, Claudine does not quite remember their full encounter and interview with The Eternal, but when they think about it, they are overcome with a need to protect their kin, and an over-zealous desire to infiltrate the government. The only thing they remember from The Eternal is a promise to fulfill the prophecy set in motion by their mother.


  • Phillip: Unbeknownst to Phillip, Claudine was given information that Phillip plays a major part in their mothers tragic prophecy that would destroy Athoria. Claudine has gotten close to Phillip, finding they have similar goals.
  • King Nathaniel: Claudine finds every opportunity to dine with the young king, hoping to make an outstanding impression for years to come. Rumors have spread that they see Claudine in places around the castle where they do not belong, but King Nathaniel has yet to say anything about it.
  • Alastair and Tristian: Claudine is more than interested in learning more about a supposed prophecy about Pack Anshega involving the future Alpha.
  • Eliza: Claudine likes to think that the human is their friend and visits them whenever they are in town.
  • Felix: As a younger person, Felix helped Claudine attempt to find their mother but the outcome was unsuccessful. 
  • Ravenswood Library: Claudine has three rooms in the library that they pay to keep safe.


  1. Do you wish that The Magic Guild had listened to your mother more often when she spoke about her prophecies? Would any of this had happened if they did?

  2. Do you miss using your magic? Was this a difficult sacrifice?

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