Annika is uniquely beautiful, with features that match their incredible personality. Since taking over Brightview Inn, they have many stories told about them…where they are from, and what they do to those that break the rules. Some have even gone as far as saying that they are actually a witch, turning men to stone with just their alluring gaze. Annika finds this funny, but tends to play up to the stories regardless. They walk with a confident smirk on their face, very rarely giving it up to let other emotions seep through. They move with conviction and grace, stepping lightly through the darkness as quiet as a mouse.

Only moving back home to Crescent Grove a year ago, Annika has re-found their home in Brightview Inn. There’s little more they now love than owning a business and reaping the fruits that come from it. They have a keen eye for money, spotting solid opportunities to make more and bring in more the moment it arises; from hiring new decorators to furnish the rooms with only the best and most affordable furniture, or working with the local farming families to put together festivals and sale events. For the most part, while feeling cooped up inside those walls can often make Annika feel like a prisoner, aching to be out in the world with others of their kind – even those not of their kinship – their relationship to the Inn and Derek is loyal and strong. 

The new vampire can be stubborn in their opinions, but they can read situations and people far better than most, so heed their words. Annika is in tune with everyone around them and their newly forming vampyric abilities are sure to aid in that in the future. Annika is eager to learn as quickly as possible and plans on using these gifts to better not only her life, but the life of Crescent Grove.

Derek being their Maker has done little in the way of making them a ‘better’ Vampire. All that Annika knows of the undead they’ve learned from their own studies and some kindred spirits at Night Haven. Since Annika is a fresh, new vampire, they can sometimes show trouble in controlling their bloodlust or their need for a good fight. Needless to say, there is never a dull night in Brightview Inn so long as Annika is fueling her emotions, especially with The Leaky Life right next door. 


Their life, much like Derek’s, had little purpose until they became a Vampire. Annika might say that Derek blessed them both when they turned Annika, giving them a new path in their lives that steered them into being someone better than who they had previously been. They might say Derek saved them, but Annika would also say that they saved Derek, too.

Annika’s family were good people in the community of Crescent Grove and they dated back many centuries like most of the bloodlines there. Annika was dating one of the neighbors during their youth and apparently this was a big deal between the families. Annika’s sister was murdered not soon after the two had announced they wished to be married, and the blame fell on Annika’s partner. They were hung for their alleged crimes. Annika left Crescent Grove after the incident but life was not easy out in the country. Annika was a sex-worker at a brothel in Leeds for a while until word came to them that their mother had fallen ill and that their father wished to close the Inn in grief. Bitterly Annika returned to The Grove to take care of their parents. Being the only child, Annika took over Brightview Inn but did not find freedom. Not until Derek Ryder showed up.

Ever since being turned, Annika has been wide-eyed and eager to delve into who they really are now. Thirsting to explore her supernatural abilities and hungry for a chance to one day be a part of the vampyric uprising in Athoria, Annika is ready to make a difference in the world. Though, with Derek coming and going whenever they please, Annika is still working on gaining the motivation to head east into the country. One day they hope to visit The Midnight Congregation in Brailston, but for now they will practice patience and continue to grow Brightview Inn to its full extent.


  • Derek: Although they have not done much in the ways of teaching them to be a vampire, Annika would be lost without their maker and finds themselves drawn to Derek like a moth to a flame.
  • Reina: Annika is saddened that the choice to move to Brailston isn't received well. 
  • Reyson: Annika knows more than they wanted about Reyson's past and they aren't sure how to handle it. 
  • Sonja: Best friends, Annika hasn't seen Sonja since before their change and isn't sure if they would approve. 
  • Harriet: Annika being such a young vampire is eternally grateful to have a blood supply so they don't hurt their patrons. 


  • How close are you and Derek…really?
  • Is it difficult living around your family again after all of the pain they put you through?

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