NAOMI died when they were 35 YEARS OLD and became a SPECTER about 3 YEARS AGO. They resemble JENNIFER HUDSON and are currently HAUNTING THE CRYSANTHANY THEATER in BRAILSTON CITY.


Naomi was once a star, and their appearance shows that. Dressed in the finest clothes, many that were designed personally for them to wear, they were often adorned with gems, dazzling jewels, and the most current of trends. Naomi couldn’t hope to walk anywhere without one or two guards to accompany them, for their riches were well known and sought after enough to put them in danger often. After their death, things did not change entirely. Naomi tends to get confused with what is beautiful versus what is horribly dismantled, so they seek comfort in wearing costumes from current musicals or plays that is taking place in the theater.

Naomi is alluring. The second they enter the realm of the living they are still enchanting, drawing looks in every way with just their smile and voice. Desiring the attention at the level they once had brings about a confusing mixture of emotions for them, more so when their attentive and pressing personality can come off snobbish when they just want to be loved and seen again. Naomi fades easily in and out of visibility because their connections to people tether harshly to their emotions. Many times they are not even aware that people can’t see or hear them, and this state of confusing Limbo has caused Naomi to creep into potentially detrimental poltergeist behavior. 

The theater in Brailston is their home, at least this is where they haunt the most. Every time Naomi leaves to explore the rest of the world, there is a drawback to the location of their death. Stalking isn’t beneath Naomi which causes them to latch onto those people who have seen them and established the connection. Naomi will sometimes do anything to be seen or heard, even if it causes a citizen or patron of the theater to be scared out of their wits.

Naomi is a hoarder. They collect everything they can and are easily convinced that things are important for irrational reasons. Heights are a strange fear of theirs that sends them violently into Limbo, and there have been many times where Naomi has awoken in the same spot of their death covered in blood. This enacts the timeloop where they are unfortunately stuck in reliving their death over and over again.


Naomi was a rising star. Born and raised in Miervaldis, they were immediately recognized for their beautiful singing voice. The churches and shrines put them on weekly, singing in their musicals and prayers. Naomi toured everywhere in the country, from performing at parties or ceremonies for any type of specie, or for personal entertainment for Franco Athor, and their family’s wealth grew to be one of the richest in the new Kingdom. Everyone knew Naomi’s name. When Nadine opened The Crysanthany Theater in Brailston City three years ago, Naomi was the most popular attraction. They performed sold out shows and aided in preparing beautiful operas and even began teaching younger children singing lessons.

But not soon after, Naomi’s stardom came to an end. A new technology had come in that was suppose to take their show to an entirely new level. A set of pulley’s and rope to fly Naomi above the audience to enhance their part in the play had Naomi excited, ready and willing to participate and help, and through all the practices it went swimmingly perfect. Brailston City buzzed, with ticket sales soaring through the roof. Everyone from all over the country came to see the show, and Naomi couldn’t have been more thankful for the opportunity.

On opening night, the musical went on as planned until Naomi’s flying part came up. They remained suspended in those seconds above the crowd with their heart elevated in the natural high of show business, singing with all the talent they had before the rope snapped from sabotage. With a sudden drop, Naomi died on the floor within the crowds. However, to Naomi, they finished the show in a warped and tormented version through Limbo that only they could see. A reaper never came for Naomi and they never knew that they had died. Instead, they became a Specter, trapped inside the veil of the dead. It was months before Naomi even made a proper connection to become visible for the first time. Now, they are known only for their haunting of The Crysanthany. At times Naomi is still not sure that they are even dead and lives their existence in a loop, always returning to the exact spot where they died only to rediscover that they are, in fact, a ghost.


  • Nadine: At first Nadine was more than thrilled to hire Naomi and give them a place to perform. But when Naomi comes to the realization that they are dead, it is usually Nadine who has to deal with the dire consequences of Naomi’s wrath. 
  • King Nathaniel: Unfortunately Nathaniel was at the theater the day that Naomi perished. Sometimes when Nathaniel comes to the theater, Naomi is able to establish a connection with him and reappear to haunt the show.


  • How long does your time loop usually last before you realize that you are actually dead? What happens when you find out?
  • What will you do if a reaper decides to try to send you off to your next life?

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