BENJAMIN is roughly 29 YEARS OLD though appears in their EARLY TWENTIES and is a REAPER. They resemble DYLAN O’BRIEN and is known to be a BAKER in DRAGOS.  


First impressions of Benjamin can go from one extreme to the other. Most find them somewhat odd looking giving that they have a bright and quirky aura. Others find them utterly pleasing and delightful, and feed off of their enthusiasm instantly. Their smile is an insane combination of overly cheerful and creepily enthusiastic. Benjamin is always happy, no matter the situation, and it shows in their stature and overall demeanor. Because of their profession, Benjamin is constantly seen with a pastry of some sort in hand, lips usually covered in a powdery substances, and fingertips dripping with jelly or other kinds of filling.

Benjamin is not quite sure where their overly-jubilant personality stemmed from but their life of immortality has been a pleasant one thus far. Instead of weeping in the dismay of reaping dead bodies and witnesses the past lives of horrible people, Benjamin embraces it with an open mind. They speak in silly puns and can crack cheesy jokes with ease. Finding humor and light in all situations is simply a favorite pastime, and they do not tend to linger on any awful thing they have seen or done.

Baking and eating sweets has always been the highlight of their mortal life and Benjamin continues to do so today. No matter the town they are in, Benjamin can manage to put together a lovely sugary dish that is mind-blowing. Currently residing in the Dragos, Benjamin enjoys showing off their treats to the new travelers from across the country. Benjamin also participates in the medieval festivities in the spring and summer months at Dragon’s Lair when the tide resides.  


Benjamin died in Brailston on a rainy Sunday afternoon after church. They stayed that day to help with an annual bake sale to raise some coin for a local orphanage. Many citizens had participated that day, venturing out into the rain to do their civic duty. Benjamin had provided a majority of the food; pies, cakes, pastries and other wonderful treats. They snuck a bite of one of their raisin muffins and began to choke. No one was able to help them and unfortunately Benjamin died. It was a tragedy and their body was taken to the local morgue to prepare for a ceremonial service. Their family was not of nobility yet the church wanted to give the young citizen a proper burial. However, on the night before the service, Benjamin awoke wearing his nicest garments of black.

Benjamin has reaped many souls since and continues to do so today. They believe themselves to be fair decider between the fates and does not regret any of their decisions following a reap. They follow the King and all of the monarch rulings and does not seem to be bothered by any supernaturals yet. Benjamin would love to travel further south and west into the country to spread their business and continue to aid in their life of reaping souls.


  • Azrael: Benjamin swore that the Archangel Azrael came to them in a dream one night, but cannot be sure. They pray to Azrael often in hopes of finding some sort of answer from the Angel of Death.
  • Rosamond: Benjamin has to be careful around this detective because they are constantly around so much death. 
  • Kaleb: The two became friends over a sweet treat. 


  • Has someone’s life reel ever terrified you? Did you send them to Hell?
  • What do you imagine will happen when you reap your last soul?

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