⇻ VERA is roughly 205 YEARS OLD and is a LUPUS WEREWOLF. They resemble EVA MENDES and is a SEER in PACK ANSHEGA.


Vera has a captivating beauty about them, something that radiates from their soul that they flaunt effortlessly. Rumors have spread that it stems from her stable connection with the Mother Gaia. The most beautifully crafted leathers touch their skin – clean, well cared for furs accent around the edges with jewelry she made themselves or traded. When strolling over the paths across the Territory, a bow is strapped to their back and variously sized daggers along their thighs and hip.

It’s their wolven form that can stir wonderment out of anyone being a pure snow white in form. Vera’s eyes are a milky white. Over the years, the gift of sight has taken their vision, and they wonder at times if it will take more from her.

Their visions have progressively gotten more difficult to decipher the longer time has passed which leaves them in a state of confusion and saturated in irrational fears when one strikes. Many times they are found muttering to themselves about a doomsday that never comes to pass and some people who don’t fully understand what they are dealing with will find themselves on the end of a violent outburst.


Vera grew up with Anshega, always surrounded by the many layers of the family that comes with such a birthright. It was often crowded and loud with moots and celebration for something or someone taking place weekly, if not daily if the younger pups wanted to rope them into something exciting to them. She quickly lost track of time in such a great and happy pack life, but never entirely feeling special or unique.

When they witnessed a full blood moon for the first time in their life, it was upon a cliff when Gaia reached for Vera. The Goddess filled their wolven eyes with a pure white light, and they saw glimpses of a battle in the East on the water in a great city. Scared at what transpired, Alastair requested they to stay and begin documenting what they witnessed, but as this new Kingdom came into a treaty with their pack and the building of a Fortress gave access to the West. Vera is anxious ever since the Kingdom started getting involved with the pack.

Their paranoia over the gift has put them in isolation from most of their family even though it's not what she wants. Vera is someone who is looking for affection and company should any of her fellow pack members wish to speak with her.


  • Alastair: The Alpha still keeps an eye on them, which they know is out of instinct but they can’t help but feel the additional stress that they still care so much.
  • Inga: They are distant family through the bloodlines and many generations, and Inga is constantly urging the younger pups to visit her.
  • Tristan: Is the moon in her eyes. When she sees them, there is a motherly love that forces the youngest pup of Alastair to succumb to being dotted on.
  • Brutus & Valerius: The pair team up and will try to pull Vera into something fun together, be it a hunt or an escorted trip into Dragos or Miervaldis.
  • Crius: Vera thinks the wolf is nothing but trouble and sometimes lashes out with elaborate reasons why-- sometimes claiming Gaia told them so.
  • Nita: They have shared their love of spices by starting a garden together. 
  • Farryn: Vera doesn’t see the warrior often, but she has hinted that maybe she knows who Farryn’s mate is but won’t exactly say yet. 
  • Elsu: The pair can be seen walking through the most beautiful landscapes of the Territory, sometimes in complete and companion silence. 
  • Zoe: The two will travel to Dragos for tea shopping often. 
  • Daken: Vera is certain there is a light still in Daken. 


Vera is available for relationship headcanons and basic plotting. If you would like to interact with Vera directly, please chat with an admin! We would love to see her aid in your current main plots. 

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