THE ETERNAL is an UNKNOWN age and is suspected to be a VAMPIRE. They can be seen WEARING A VEIL and is known to be THE FOUNDER OF THE MIDNIGHT CONGREGATION


Not much is known of The Eternal and the mysteriousness that follows them. The Eternal speaks only through telepathy and their true face behind their many different veils has never been seen. Their voice inside your head can vary and is apparently different with each patron that they speak to. Their gender is unknown, and some even think that The Eternal is not a vampire at all, as their scent and overall aura is practically undetectable and unlike anything that any specie has ever smelt before.

The Eternal only speaks to The Elite’s in The Midnight Congregation. Anyone wishing to be an Elite must greet The Eternal and conduct their interview with them. It is said that some vampires have gone to see The Eternal and have never been seen or heard of again. Those that do emerge from their chambers inside The Ivory Tower are known to have changed drastically in terms of their commitment to The Midnight Congregation. They seem to be more energized, enthusiastic, and driven.


When the vampires of the caves approached Franco Athor in search of redemption for their species and peace for the future, The Eternal appeared inside The Ivory Tower after its completion in Brailston. Its history is completely unknown and they are only spoken about in rumors. The Eternal is unable to be contacted unless through an Elite. The vampires of The Midnight Congregation have yet to find reason to doubt The Eternal and although most members believe that they are the Original Demon, this is not yet confirmed.


  • Porter: The Eternal trusts Porter the most of the Elites and looks to this vampire to be the growing change of the vampyric specie in the upcoming world. The Eternal tasks Porter with a higher role of authority considering they founded the congregation alongside them.
  • Franco Athor: It was said that the great Rebellion King only met the Eternal once, and it was something that Franco did not talk about at all. Some say that after their meeting, Franco seemed disoriented and spooked more so then meeting with any other specie in the country.

Additional Information

The Eternal purposefully has major plot holes and lack of canon information due to the future plot of the main game of Athoria. There is room for additional connections to be listed. The Eternal is the only NPC at this moment that cannot be interacted with without administrator approval.

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