SARNAI is about 46 YEARS OLD and is a GIFTED HUMAN. They resemble TARAJI HENSON and are known to be a TEACHER at the GUILD.


Sarnai is a woman who loves good tastes. Soft furs and an extensive collection of gems and spectacular dresses fill her closets. Her wand choice is an elegant 11-inch white birch wood with the core of a mermaid hair that she procured herself when she was a little girl. It’s an object that is always in her hands or tucked behind her ear or struck through her hair. It’s easy to get enamored with her distinct way of talking, which is a mixture of obnoxious sarcasm and maternal affection.

Their magical branches primarily stem from water and the wind, specializing in balancing the weather in Miervaldis with a few other Guild members. Her alteration magic comes from Earthen elements. Stones are reshaped into any colors or walls erected with the right spell. When she teaches, she dives into connections with spells and how to stack them together to achieve stronger castings. There is something very special about how she uses her magic to show the beauty of the world and Sarnai is an advocate for being proud of their magic.


Sarnai has always been in Miervaldis, and their family aided the Guild in providing a decent education to all the gifted children and those seeking fine tuning. There is no age limit to learning and Sarnai even as a child expected others always to want to learn. Judging everyone with magic on their character if they believed they achieved the height of their powers. She befriended a Fae in their teenage years and learned under their direction until their twentieth birthday making her currently one of the highest ranks in the Guild for her elemental magics.

Staying put was by choice but solidified once the Monarchy established in the East. The Dragon Priests were a terrifying enemy in her eyes, and the fact all these nonmagical humans beat Dragos concerns her for their species and people should the tables turn to Miervaldis.

Her goals are to keep tainted witches from stepping into their old halls. Miervaldis is her home, and she is fiercely protective of the city enough to be content with having her eyes on here.


  • Major: She believes there is something more to be in awe about with their ability to read the stars so accurately. 
  • Kali: The Ravenswood’s have always had a healthy relationship with the Guild, and Sarnai knows the family very well. 
  • Eliza: She finds the odd wand maker hilarious and sometimes makes fun of them for their naivety even if she can’t deny their work is somehow amazing. 
  • Sinder: She has shooed the Fae away from the Guild many times. 
  • Eris: Sarnai is determined to fight to the death should this demonic wielding witch shows their face anywhere near the Guild. 
  • Landon: When they were in town all those years ago, Sarnai found herself overly curious about their curiosities in the mountains. 
  • Kori & Conway: They are family, and she wishes they would spend more time over her house for dinner. 
  • Johan: She wishes this dangerous and selfish witch would turn themselves in and keeps a keen eye for their presence. 
  • Jae: Sarnai is extremely interested in helping Jae find the next level of their magic.
  • Reyson: Sharnai never truly forgave Reyson for their sins against the community.


Sarnai is available for relationship headcanons and basic plotting if necessary. If you would like to interact with Sarnai directly, please chat with an admin!

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