PORTER was turned about 90 years ago and is a VAMPIRE. They appear as CHARLES MICHAEL DAVIS. They are known to be an ELITE in THE MIDNIGHT CONGREGATION and lives in BRAILSTON.


Porter is chiseled and carries themselves fondly, having taken the opportunity to escape the pits of the caves in the Varasova Mountains with pride. Their presence can be intimidating given the situation, or it can be quite charming. Regardless, Porter has a way of expressing themselves with passion and dedication both in the tone of their voice and their visage. Personal space is not an issue. Porter prefers to keep both their enemies and friends in close proximity and finds that the slightest physical touch can bring a specific kind of personality trait out of the other that they use to their advantage. Those that are closest to them find their snarky attitude comforting, whereas others tend to find them offensive and brazen until they get to know them. Out of all of the Elites, Porter is perhaps the most cautious, even if it does not seem to be that way on the outside.

Porter tends to be mostly responsible for containing problem vampires in the country. They enjoy the travel and the hunt, allowing them a good excuse to get out of the city and keep in touch with the country. Traveling back to Night Haven and Crescent Grove is an excuse to remember their roots. Many of the vampires who do not have it like they do in Brailston sometimes detest him in jealousy, but Porter, being one to keep their friends close, brings them gifts in the form of blood dolls or gems. They hope that one day all vampires will be gifted with such luxury as they are, though they are unsure if that will happen in this century.


Frustrated with the undercover blood feud of Crescent Grove, Porter left town as a human in search of something more entertaining than farming and harvesting lavender. Leeds seemed to be the place to be, as the magic there was tempting and the consistently blackened skies fit their mood. During their time in Leeds before they were turned, Porter participated in everything and anything they could get their hands on, as they were eager to make friends and enemies and experience all there was to the insane world in which they lived.

One night on a journey back home, Porter discovered what all the fuss was regarding the vampyric species. Both terrified and intrigued, Porter could not help but be fascinated by them. In the end, Porter took to the change for no other reason than wanting to experience immortality. The specie was still somewhat new to the world and they believed that they could truly make a difference for them. But this change came with a price. Porter was unable to escape the early prejudice that the country had against them, even those that were once their friends turned their backs on them. Stuck in the caves, Porter spent approximately sixty years with their maker and small haven. 

When King Athor came to reign, Porter made it a point to be a part of the revolution for vampires. Porter worked many angles to get the vampires to the position they are in today. They are known to be one of the founding fathers of The Midnight Congregation and is well-respected by his species and the Kingdom. Porter is a patient immortal; after all, they waited sixty years to find freedom for their species. They can wait a little longer if it means domination and revenge over those that wished them dead.


  • King Nathaniel: Porter watched Nathaniel grow into the King he is today. Though deep down he believes that Nathaniel is not truly fit or suited to rule the country, he does his best to council the King by placing appropriate thoughts into his head about the direction of the country.
  • Kenji: As annoying as the underling tends to be, Porter cannot help but keep an eye on the runt. 
  • Derek: Thirty years ago, Porter tried to convince Derek to leave the caves and join the revolution with Franco Athor. However, Derek refused. They have only recently reconciled, allowing Derek to be on the Midnight Congregation’s radar for possible recruitment.
  • Alastair: Porter is aware of the wolves hostility towards their ideals but he doesn’t care. Porter is classic when it comes to derogatory comments towards the Pack Anshega, finding it hilarious if Alastair gets so offended at his position in court.
  • Nadine: Porter feeds into the rumors regarding himself and Nadine quite often. 
  • Claudine: Porter pretends to be associates with Claudine only for the mere purpose of keeping their Congregation free of hostility. The truth is that Porter believes Claudine to be childish and immature, and doesn’t understand why they were given Elite status.
  • Phillip: Porter has had to clean up many messes Phillip caused from the vampire causing Thralls from overfeeding in the past. Porter mostly wants to know how Phillip has made so many progeny's so young. 
  • Gage: Porter has recently gone into the country with other Elite members to find this troublesome vampire and take care of them. 


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