Mildred Athor is unlike any other royal family member in the court, and you won’t see her change her appearance or hearty attitude for any sort of formal event or party. This is partly why she was sent to Chile Village to grow the forest town after the Franco Athor Rebellion. As the mother of Franco, Ol’Milly has a pride for her Grandson, King Nathaniel, that blossoms with her age. She can be seen wearing fur garments or floral patterns, and even sometimes dresses in simple gowns with hats. Gems, jewels and the like do not adorn her hands and neck. Mildred prefers to stay equal to those she governs and finds it easiest and more comfortable to dress this way. If she does need to attend the castle for any sort of special event, it is apparent that Mildred has probably tried too hard to dress the part of the Grandmother to the King.

Mildred is loud and obnoxious. She snorts when she laughs and chews with her mouth open, and when she tells her stories to the children of Chile Village she does so with dramatic flair. She can change her voice to fit any character and has a way of mocking people that is spot on. Her most famous imitation is that of the Queen Mother, Athalia Athor. The children of Chile Village adore the old woman, and Mildred will cook for them and give them presents around the holiday seasons. With the crown bank behind her back, Mildred prefers to spend the royal money on keeping up with the maintenance of Chile Village rather than make sure everyone has pretty material possessions. 

Mildred is famous for her tales of the myths and legends of the country. Chile Village is superstitious of most of the supernaturals in the country and believes that they have intentions that are not good for the monarchy. Although she plays this off well in fear of being slaughtered or found out about, Mildred takes to teaching the children about these ideas and conspiracy theories when it comes to strange murders or disappearances. It is not beyond Mildred to blame it right on a supernatural without a second thought.


To date, Mildred is the oldest person from the original country of Vinsor, though she rarely speaks of the details of the place. She was lucky that her son Franco Athor was book and war smart, and that he found a place inside of Vinsor’s court directly. Though she knew that her son was nothing like Vinsor, it was better to have Franco inside the King’s good graces than to have his head sitting on a pike outside the castle walls. She remembers telling Franco that although it seemed that he was doing terrible things that everything would get better for them in the future, so long as he did his part and kept his head high. When Franco was asked to come to the new country with Vinsor, Mildred would not allow him to leave without her.

While Vinsor was busy slaying the Dragon Priests and taking up a new residence at Dragos, Mildred was discovering the secrets of this new country. She spoke to anyone that was still alive about what to expect from the country and what sort of people lived there. They told Mildred of the dragons and the myths and lore just south of Dragos and west of the Trinity Bay. Mildred was instantly afraid and regretted her decision to come to this place that was full of supernatural’s and mythical creatures. When Franco announced to his mother that he would start a rebellion, it was clear to her that they would need to stay. Mildred did what she could to help keep the woman and children safe while those that were capable fought for their freedom. In the end, Mildred was sent to govern her own plot of land which she called Chile Village.

Today Mildred Athor is an exciting soul to speak to. Though she is so suspicious and internally terrified of supernatural’s and even added a witch burning pyre to her village, she is loyal to her son, the new King Nathaniel of Athoria, and mourns the loss of her only child, Franco. Mildred can be seen at the cemetery these days as well speaking to Franco’s grave.


  • King Nathaniel: Mildred loves her Grandson more than anything in the world. She reminds Nathaniel to stay true to his heart and to listen to his instinct. Mildred tells Nathaniel that she will back him up no matter what.
  • Queen Mother Athalia: Originally Mildred held no resentment towards Athalia, but her true and cold exterior has always kept the two separated.
  • Oz: Mildred remembers Oz’s experience on the witch pyre and fears the day that they will come back for revenge. Mildred has spread countless rumors about Oz – none of them exactly friendly or true – claiming that they are a demon or other dramatic nonsense.
  • Priya: Mildred knew that her stories about supernaturals, myths and lore tended to take to Priya, so Mildred fed into those tales as often as she could to keep Priya determined to fight them.
  • Ashley: Mildred wonders where this blissfully ignorant child has run off to.
  • Gage: Mildred was appalled to discover that a vampire had been living among them for several years and was hoping that Franco would have the creature burned instead of sending it off to Southwind Fortress.


There will be more opportunities to interact directly with Mildred Athor later on in the game. If you would like to further headcanon relationships with Mildred, please chat with an admin! We encourage those characters that live in Chile Village or have spent time there to use this NPC for plots or rumors!

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