KING NATHANIEL is 25 YEARS OLD and is a HUMAN. They resemble TOBY REGBO and is know to be THE KING OF ATHORIA and a CARPENTER.


It would normally be unwise to insult the young new King of Athoria of their obvious, youthful and inexperienced demeanor, but when it comes to King Nathaniel he would probably laugh alongside you and agree. Nathaniel does not feel above the laws that his father, the Great Franco Athor, created for the Athorian Region, and he finds humor in both his appearance and personality. Nathaniel is gowned in typical royal attire, but he often finds himself shedding those expensive fabrics to sport a more approachable look, particularly when he is working. He is still getting used to being in the spotlight one hundred percent of the time, and although his servants might chase him around and try to adorn him in lace and jewels, Nathaniel is quick to escape their clutches.

Nathaniel’s passion is Brailston City. While Franco Athor ruled the region and expanded south into the opposing country, Nathaniel found it more entertaining to be a direct part of the building of the city than anything else. As a child he would follow the kings-guard into the construction and learn the trade of carpentry. This gives Nathaniel a great sense of responsiveness when it comes to making decisions based on further construction (whether in Brailston or elsewhere), location expansion, and so forth. He finds these types of discussions and laws more fun than having to deal with citizens affairs. King Nathaniel feels as though he still has much to learn when it comes to keeping his people happy, so he appoints many councilpersons to speak on his behalf and handle most of the civility issues. However, do not mistaken this for Nathaniel being weak or out of touch with what his people needs; Nathaniel is more than willing to make a tough decision that is life ending if need be. Out of everything, Nathaniel despises traitors or those that speak ill of how the kingdom is run. These people usually get a taste of his still youthful ruling.

Nathaniel is known to be ambitious and is extremely interested in further expanding the Athorian Region. He has gained excellent secret information over the years about what sort of supernaturals are ruling the western part of the country and what to do about them. With Brailston City on the rise, Nathaniel is eager to keep pursing Athoria’s rule just as his father did.


When his father Franco Athor successfully won the rebellion against King Vinsor, the tyrannical monarch, the people were at peace. With Vinsor sailing back to where he came from, the people of Dragos and the loyal people of Vinsor who stayed behind were prepared to begin a new rule. Franco married and had Prince Nathaniel not five years after the rebellion. The Castle of Athoria was being built in the Northern part of Athoria Region and so Nathaniel and his father and mother stayed in Dragos at the large keep. But this did not stop Nathaniel from traveling to the growing Brailston City whenever he could. Constantly shrouded in knights, shield-brothers and noblemen, Nathaniel learned quickly was it was like to be heir to the throne and to never have any privacy. Rebellious in a teenager sort of way, Nathaniel took everything he could with a grain of salt and stashed this information away, knowing that eventually when he ruled it would be important.

Nathaniel’s nanny growing up was a gifted human by the name of Lady Reyson. His father Franco felt it pertinent to bring in a supernatural directly into the family in order to not only establish a connection to the community but also to prove to his weary people from Vinsor that the supernaturals of the country would honor the peace treaty, and to more or less get used to living in a country full of creatures with powers. Nathaniel loved Lady Reyson as much as his own mother, which did not sit well with the Queen. Stricken with immense jealousy, the Queen banished Lady Reyson from court against Franco Athor’s wishes. Nathaniel grew up to resent his mother, clinging more to his grandmother Ol’ Milley who governs Chile Village. 

With Franco Athor’s recent passing, Nathaniel is determined to continue the rule and expand Athoria Region to more parts of the country, bringing monarchy to the land and claiming what he feels is rightfully his.


  • Lady Reyson: King Nathaniel hopes to one day be united with his childhood nanny and that there would be no hard feelings between them.
  • Lord Theodore: King Nathaniel pretends to be impressed by Theodore but honestly thinks they are pompous and annoying.
  • Graham: Nathaniel’s father was extremely interested in Graham due to their extensive documentation of their personal Reaper experiences and Nathaniel hopes that Graham will take his Father’s original offer and take a job in court. 
  • Sir Lucas, Sonja & Iain: As childhood friends growing up in Dragos, Nathaniel is having a difficult time separating friendship from subject.
  • Richard: Nathaniel still enjoys Richard’s tea to this day and remembers when they were first starting out their trade.
  • Kei: Nathaniel finds entertainment in Kei’s slight obsession with him.
  • Liam Cooper: Franco Athor had asked Liam to be the court physician but was turned down multiple times. Nathaniel trusts his fathers judgement and hopes that one day Liam will reconsider. Nathaniel is a little curious as to why Liam would not be interested in the job.
  • Porter: Nathaniel knows that Porter and Franco were good friends and plans on keeping that type of professional relationship with the vampire moving forward.
  • Naomi: Nathaniel has yet to go back to the theater following the tragic death of Naomi that he witnessed first hand.
  • Kali Ravenswood: Lunches and teatime seem to be slightly more exciting when Kali decides to join him at the castle.
  • Shiva: Nathaniel still remembers the excitement of watching Shiva correctly pick the coin out at the festival in Dragon’s Lair and has yet to regret his decision of appointing them to the Mint.
  • Tova: Nathaniel attended Tova and their cousins wedding and hopes that Tova is doing well in Crescent Grove.
  • Cato: King Nathaniel will continue to fund Cato’s tour guiding business as his father once had.
  • Rosamund: King Nathaniel has a secret investigation ready for Ros whenever they are ready.
  • Conway: King Nathaniel has purposefully invited Conway to lunch to further discuss important negotiations.
  • Matilda: Nathaniel has yet to meet Matilda but will follow in his fathers footsteps to discuss the situation of the Hallowed Oak.

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