INGA is 1025 YEARS OLD and is a LUPIS WOLF. They resemble GWENDOLINE CHRISTIE and is know to be BETA for the last 400 YEARS in PACK ANSHENGA. They are an NPC.


Inga is truly a child of the moon. Their homid stature is tall and muscular, wearing custom leather pieces along their forearms and shins painted in bright blues and blacks. Her hair is cropped short and often adorn in a helmet to give an appearance of them being a knight. They pride themselves on walking the streets of Hala as a beacon of protection and to warn the other wolves of their pack of their status. Beta is a position consistently challenged over the years and Inga, though having held onto the position the longest– is one who knows how far some wolves will go to have it.

Puckered red lines from her kin’s claws scar across the right side of their neck and down over most of her chest. These came from when they were poisoned with wolfbane by Daken, and they slew their wolves of their pack in a fit of delirium. There is no hiding that the event changed something in Inga, a darker rage that makes their presence a counterpoint to Alastair’s. The two of them standing side by side creates a grand vision of what loyalty is if the two chose to lead war over the peace the pack currently lives in.

They speak with authority, and a sarcastic tone that to some can think is to belittle their comrades. Their salty attitude is only to push those who want to train with a ferocity they would naturally face in battle. Every wolf at some point wishes to be a warrior for Alastair, and it’s Inga’s job to be sure they are worthy of claiming such a major title. They hold this role with seriousness the pack has learned to respect in the last few hundred years, and Inga has slowly been accepting that this is the position Gaia wanted them to carry for the greater vision of the pack.


Inga experienced growing up in Hala when its first stones were laid. They found life alongside the humans as natural as running with their pack and took every opportunity to learn everything they could about how both species lived. They took up the sword when a group of their human friends had made grand declarations about being able to wield one. The play fighting as a teenager was a thrill of learning for both parties and soon grabbed the attention of their Alpha who inquired about the unusual weapons.

Inga decided for the next six hundred years to learn the art of fighting as a human alongside their warrior position for being a werewolf. The combined experience honed their skills into traveling bravely into the Ancient Forest to aid the pack in deforesting the encroaching forest line to keep the violent Centaurs off their lands. She started training people in town to learn how to wield a bow and arrow and short swords in case they ever ran into an attack they didn’t feel hopeless. Her name became one that carried a weight of safety, and Alastair expressed how proud of them they were. It was by those words that she issued a challenge for Beta.

The fight was terrifying to the village. Outlandish stories have been spoken in whispers by the humans in Hala about how they battled quickly to the death and that Inga stood upon them the victor. It hadn’t quite happened that way. The fight was one that took a night to complete since the previous Beta refused to surrender no matter their apparent loss. Alastair stepped in at the end to declare Inga the Beta, but the wolf became feral in a blood lust over the loss. Inga had to watch Alastair kill one of his sons who couldn’t be detained or brought out of their head. It was a night they learned of the burden their pack master carried alone and one they striven to carry alongside them from that point forward.

Inga is frequently challenged for their title, mostly by the many children of Alastair who feel they should hold such an important role in their Father’s pack because of lineage. Inga has proven for the last four hundred years that they will kill their opponents if challenged. This has deferred anyone not entirely serious about taking on the role from wasting their time.

Tristan is the wolf in her sights now. She knows the prophesied wolf believes more profoundly than anyone they deserve Beta, but Inga is not giving the position up anytime soon. She is open to training anyone who wants to learn and Tristan seems more focused on what they want than what they deserve. With Alastair on the move throughout the country, Inga is usually stationed at home to take up the role of her pack master while they are away.


  • Alastair: They are a fluid unit with one another, speaking in the first tongue and working on strategics most of the pack doesn’t know about. Together they appear as if they could take on the world and the pair is highly respected and well loved by the pack.
  • Tristan: They are looking forward to the day Tristan declares a challenge of any kind for Beta. They might not be able to kill them because of the prophecy, but a hefty beat down is something Inga is greatly looking forward too. 
  • Elsu: Inga will often make a point to travel with Elsu whenever the wolf leaves pack territory. Their spiritual adviser is too important to trust even with their most promising wolves and Inga bares the responsibility to endure Dragos for this sole reason.
  • Nita: Inga will travel to Leeds with Nita for extra protection. Even though her past is long removed from that city, its just a precaution to what transpired all those years ago. 
  • Farryn: Having trained Farryn themselves, Inga is extremely proud of the accomplishments and entrusts Farryn with tasks only few know about.
  • Daken: The horror of what Daken caused for their family and themselves in such selfishness aches their soul. Forgiveness isn’t possible towards someone too cowardly to face them in a proper challenge. The blood of their pack mates are on their hands. They enjoyed watching them made into a ronin but wished Alastair had allowed Inga to kill Daken.
  • Crius: Inga is unimaginably disappointed in this wolf and is determined to keep a watchful eye on them. If another senseless attack happens again, Inga wants to be involved this time around over the warriors.  
  • Valerius & Brutus: Inga isn’t overly involved in Hybrid business but they are a part of the pack and they have made a point to speak to them about their interests in being bitten.
  • Zoe: The human always manages to lead Inga out of their head and into the gardens to realign their spiritual side. Adorn them in flowers and giving them sweet honeycomb as treats for no reason other than to make them happy serves to remind Inga how precious humanity is. 

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