FRANCO ATHOR was 59 YEARS OLD and was a HUMAN. They resembled SEAN BEAN and were known as THE FIRST KING OF ATHORIA. They very recently passed away.


Franco Athor was the most loved and supported man to have ever walked the soil of what is now known as Athoria. Together, Franco brought peace and prosperity to the country, freed those of bondage and inspired many supernatural species to not only grow their relationships but to spread the idea of unity throughout the lands. It is said that Franco Athor had no enemies, and that it was impossible to blame him for the faultiness in his smile. Those that met Franco knew he was a man set on bringing a new way of governing to hard working people.

And that was exactly what he did.

Franco Athor laughed with his entire body, often finding himself so immersed in good conversation and story that his council people would have to keep redirecting his focus to important topics. Franco knew that there would be tough decisions with being King and he took to them with sincerity and explanation. Every law set down by the King was thoroughly discussed and thought out, and even though having to implements these laws on those that did not wish to follow them was difficult for Franco, he did not pass exceptions for people or discriminate due to class or wealth. In Franco’s eyes, everyone was equal when it came to the laws of the Athorian Region.

It was a well known fact that Franco and his son Nathaniel were extremely close. Franco also had a special relationship with important people of the opposing regions, specifically Alastiar of Vargulf Territory and the vampires of The Midnight Congregation. Franco felt strongly about providing laborers and manual help to his friends in the south, and was positive that the vampires would aid him in his quest towards spreading the monarchy across the land. Franco was a man who listened to every word you spoke to him and considered every option before making his move. His conversations with these important supernatural entities were spoken to his scribe and documented accordingly. Recently they have been moved to the grand library in the newly built Castle of Athoria in the northern Athorian Region, but it is said that not all of those scrolls have made it to its new home.


Luck is a word that Franco Athor believed in, though he believed it with bitterness so strong that it sparked a fire deep within his soul. King Vinsor’s rule was so inconsistent that many subjects, whether they were the King’s closest friend or worst enemy, suffered at his tyrannical hand by laws that were made up on the spot or simply because King Vinsor was in a particular mood that day. Franco Athor found that some of the King’s people were just lucky to avoid his eye contact in those moments, or that they were lucky to have been occupied with another task. Franco believed that he was lucky, that his family was lucky, and that luck was the only thing that had kept them all alive under Vinsor’s rule.

It was not an easy way to live a life. Franco wanted to be free of the iron-fisted rule and prove to himself and the people of Vinsor that their luck would change to feelings of worthiness. But while trapped in the country of Vinsor, this was proving to be impossible. For many years the people woke in the morning hoping that the King paid them little mind so that luck would be on their side that day, and that they would survive.

Franco found work for one of the King’s court members as a scribe and practiced swordsmanship, archery and horse riding in his free time. Being employed for a member of the court proved to be dangerous grounds, as the Athor’s had lived their lives under the radar for as long as his family’s legacy had remembered. His mother, Mildred Athor, was both excited and terrified, as she should have been. But Franco did not want to be scared. He prayed every day that luck would remain on his side and that the King would see greatness in him if he so chose to look his way. That day never happened. Franco trained for war with the swordsmen and documented the happenings inside the castle until his fingers bled. He listed every person who had suffered at Vinsor’s rule, how they died, who they were, where they lived, their next of kin, and so forth. He documented where they were buried, what they were known for, and what they had done wrong. With every scribble and turned page, Franco felt a sadness and connection to those that had unfairly perished at Vinsor’s hand. When word came that they were sailing to a new country, the sadness turned to hope; hope that with Vinsor gone then the country would have moments of peace and freedom, and hope that this new country would be the start of fresh eyes for Vinsor. But Franco was wrong.

Vinsor’s army did not need assistance destroying the great Dragon Priests of Dragos once they had landed on alien shores. They slayed the priests as if they were wooden practice puppets. Franco remembers heads rolling down the street and the Dragon Men being tossed over the side of Dragos and colliding into the now Royal Bay with breaking bones shattering. It’s rumored today that these bodies still lay at the bottom of the bay. Franco had never seen such horror. They did not know that these Dragon Priests were equally as terrible as Vinsor, but still…Franco knew that things would not change. As a severed head rolled to his boots, Franco decided to take matters into his own hands.

While Vinsor took over the city of Dragos and enslaved the women and children there, many visitors from across a great bay came to greet this new King. Franco watched as Vinsor struck them all down, even threatening most of them with their lives. Franco managed to speak to most of them before a plan was formed; a rebellion. If Franco and those that helped struck down Vinsor succeeded then Franco would rule, and agreed to indefinite peace. Plans were set in place, and when the time was right, they struck.

Vinsor was defeated and sent back to where they had come. Though Franco felt deeply for the people that had remained in Vinsor, it was their only chance at starting a new life free of his rule. With Vinsor gone, they went to work building a new kingdom.

Franco Athor died thirty years later right before the opening to the Castle of Athoria. Franco had nonchalantly complained about feeling tired early on in the day and went to sleep that night with a headache. No one really thought anything of it, but Franco passed away in his sleep. It was unexpected and detrimental, and the Kingdom mourns for his loss. Nathaniel, his only son and heir to the throne, is expected to match Franco’s glorious rule. But unfortunately, Nathaniel was not taught everything he needed to know. There are still secrets of these lands that went to rest with Franco. It is said that when Franco Athor passed away, the dungeons of Dragos shook with threatened collapse and the lone dragon that continued to fly around the Athorian Region screeched unlike ever heard before.


  • Reyson: Franco trusted Reyson regardless of their darker past. Franco wanted to bring in a gifted human directly into the family in hopes of securing trust with their community. Unfortunately Athalia ruined that opportunity for them, but luckily the magical community did not retaliate. Yet.
  • Conway: A popular face in court, Franco was glad to have a gifted human friend even if Athalia had raised concern. Franco greatly appreciated Conway’s information from the more western country.
  • Lord Theodore: Franco allowed Theodore to take their fathers position as tax collector even though most of the kingdom expressed annoyance.
  • Tova: Franco and Tova shared a special dance at their wedding to one of his nephews.
  • Liam: Franco had heard of the Cooper legacy and offered Liam a position in his court. When Liam refused, Franco decided to keep an eye on them.
  • Porter: Many people were smitten at their political friendship.
  • Alastair: When Franco and Alastair shook hands for the first time, some say that it was the most paramount moment in history.
  • Aerion: Franco had wanted to help Aerion and his little thieves become better people in their society, but being outside of the Athorian Region did not give him a right to do so.
  • Queen Athalia: It is said that Franco was the only man capable of loving Athalia Athor. Though his wife was quite cold and mean-hearted, Franco saw a side to her unlike any other.
  • Mildred Athor: Franco and his mother were extremely close.
  • The Eternal: Franco only met with The Eternal once, and it is something that he never spoke about. Those that saw him after the encounter say that Franco Athor was as white as a ghost and could not sleep for days.

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