ATHALIA ATHOR is about 54 YEARS OLD and is a HUMAN. They resemble JOELY RICHARDSON and are known to be THE QUEEN MOTHER OF ATHORIA.


The Queen Mother has a chilly and frustrating aura about her, something that is not exactly warm and motherly. She dresses in a dramatic fashion when appearing in court, enjoying and preferring to show the lesser of her kingdom what true royalty should look like. Some say Athalia is the opposite of what Franco Athor stood for. She turns her noses at those she deems unimportant and remains frightened and untrusting of the supernatural specie still to this day. Athalia is more than excited to be moving into the newly built Castle of Athoria and away from the people of Dragos. Athalia has also been known at attempting to sabotage certain laws or creeds that help the poorer subjects by whispering her thoughts and ideas into people that influenced both Franco and now her son, Nathaniel.

Athalia and Nathaniel do not have the greatest of relationships. The Queen Mother can often be seen alone save her many handmaidens and Knights of Athoria that follow her around. She enjoys reading and has beautiful handwriting, and expresses her sadness towards her relationship with her son and the death of her husband – the only man that has been able to see past her coldness – with poetry. Athalia rarely goes into the cities but if she does it is only to see a performance or shop for artwork or other expensive material possessions. Athalia doesn’t remember what it’s like to be poor or dirty or worthless, though sometimes she wishes that she had never left Vinsor to begin with. Her damaged past is the true reason for her cold demeanor, but Athalia believes she is too far gone to change now.

The only supernatural creature that Athalia is not afraid of is the angelic species. Athalia prays often to their God and hopes that one day she will be reunited with Franco sooner than later.


Athalia Athor was one of King Vinsor’s many young wives. She was given to King Vinsor as a gift before they sailed to the new country, which left her parents wealthy. While her parents reaped in the benefits of selling their only daughter, Athalia was forced to leave everything she had known behind. She remembers the boat ride to the new country being awful, not only in terms of the seasickness and crowded conditions, but having to lie with King Vinsor for the first time. Though Vinsor had many wives, and some of the older women were able to distract the tyrannical king from her, this left her bitter and cold…a trait that has stuck with her like a plague.

Athalia met Franco Athor, a young man in the King’s Court, once they had landed in the new country. After the slaying of the Dragon Priests in Dragos, Athalia secretly swooned over Franco but was terrified to make any sort of gesture in fear of Vinsor finding out. The feelings were neutral however; as Franco had also noticed the young wife and swore to her that he would make her his bride if they survived the rebellion. Surprisingly, Athalia played a slightly large role in the rebellion. On the night that Franco Athor issued the first wave of attack, Athalia distracted Vinsor in a way only a wife could. While the king was busy, the rebellion were able to slay most of the front line of defense which gave them the upper hand.

Athalia and Franco married immediately after the rebellion and established their place besides one another in Dragos. For many years Athalia aided where she could, but she found that the role of a political Queen did not fit her well. She did not feel very smart and often felt misjudged due to her previous relationship with King Vinsor. This caused Athalia to retract into the role of fashion and physical appeal, making it a point to show off her power and prestige in that regard. Though many saw Athalia as bitter and not the best person to be around, Franco Athor loved her dearly.

Athalia lost the respect of her son Nathaniel when she dismissed his nanny, Lady Reyson, a gifted human. And now, with the death of Franco Athor, the region of Athoria mourns in his loss. She feels in no way connected to Nathaniel to help guide him through his future rule.


  • King Nathaniel: Athalia tries hard to spend time with her son, especially now that he is the King of Athoria. But Nathaniel wants nothing to do with his mother. Sometimes Athalia wishes something drastic would happen to her so that Nathaniel would show her the respect she deserves.
  • Ol’ Milley: Athalia never saw eye to eye with Franco’s mother, though she does believe that her lore and conspiracy theories are quite laughable. Athalia cannot wait until the day Mildred keels over so Nathaniel stops going to her for advice.
  • Nadine: The Queen Mother is fully aware that Nadine is one of the vampires that the Kingdom has begun to trust, though Athalia only befriended her due to her status at the theater.
  • Raziel: Athalia started seeing Raziel very recently in hopes of expressing some of her issues to a neutral party. Athalia does not yet know if she fully trusts this angel, but it is nice to have someone to talk to.
  • Graham: Athalia has heard rumors of this reaper and marvels at the fact that death seems to follow them wherever they go. Athalia secretly hopes that the reaper and her will soon cross paths.
  • Ravenswood Legacies: The only city that Athalia has traveled to besides those in the Athorian Region is Miervaldis, and specifically to rent a warded room of the Ravenswood Library to hide her own pieces of writing.


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