AERION CIAR was 37 YEARS OLD and was a HUMAN. He resembled LUKE EVANS and was known as the HERMES of THE EMERALD HAND. He is DECEASED


Aerion was known for his stern and quiet demeanor, yet any who met him would say he had certain charisma about him. He had a gift for humor and others found an odd comfort in being around him. When Aerion spoke to someone he could make them feel important with just a few words. In a town like Grimsby, full of cut-throats and misfits, he could make any stray feel like they belonged. It was widely known that Aerion didn’t have a tongue of silver, but of gold. Every word he spoke was law, laced with truth and promise.

He was a thief with honor and aspirations, both rare qualities among their kind. The Hermes was to be respected and gladly returned the gesture to those who complied. And while Aerion was well-loved, he was also feared. There was no one deadlier with a bow and his skill with a rapier was unmatched by even the cruelest blades. He made sure to give hell to any who crossed them or threatened their dreams.


Aerion’s rule as Hermes of The Emerald Hand was a prosperous one. It was said that the guild’s revenue increased like never before in his care. He made promises that The Emerald Hand would soon live like kings in their newly changing country. Aerion planned to unite Grimsby under his rule, to take the splintered place and make it whole. He desired to make a world where even the less fortunate prospered. It was then that many became to stylize him as the King of Thieves. This point in Aerion’s career also marked his downfall.

The great Hermes took care to always cover his bases, but what he didn’t foresee was an illness taking hold of him. He paid for the best physicians the country could offer, even hired the services of several gifted humans and none of them could heal him. It was as if the sickness was woven by greater forces. Last winter, when the strength finally seemed to leave him, another swing of bad luck ravaged the guild. Without those resources, Aerion’s dreams began to wilt and the guild’s focus migrated to simply surviving. On his deathbed, before a group of witnesses he declared Jiaying the Tyche of the Emerald Hand, over his Lieutenant, Ivar Callum.


  • Jiaying: Aerion saw something in Jiaying that reminded him a lot of himself. The young thief was naturally talented and had a mind that may have been more gifted than his own. He expected Jiaying to be the one to truly live up his standards and properly fill his shoes.
  • Ivar: He once believed that Ivar would be a proper heir to his city of thieves. Ivar had all the skill and charisma of a leader, but what they didn’t have was the discipline. In truth, Aerion didn’t trust them and believed that Ivar didn’t share his vision. He could sense the darkness and greed in them and believed that would be The Emerald Hand’s downfall. Aerion had initially seen Ivar use shadow magic as a teenager but never told them about the phenomena. Though Aerion documented this information in their journals, Aerion was secretly hoping for Ivar to wield it once more. 
  • Felix:  Felix was respected dearly by Aerion and saw the veteran as one of his closest confidants. It was Felix that bore the burdens of Aerion’s darker offenses, which is why they were the ones to carry out the terror raids top acquire riches for Aerion’s plans. 
  • Raven: The vampire has never done anything that caused Aerion to mistrust them. But Aerion has had a few run-ins with Vampires in his youth and and is known to be wary of them. In turn, Aerion decided to keep Raven distant by stationing them in Night Haven with their own kind, before sending them to Brailston once they proved to be a successful fence. 

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