VALERIUS is roughly 40 YEARS OLD and is a WOLF HYBRID. They appear as CHADWICK BOSEMAN and are currently a RUNNER/SCOUT and MEMBER for PACK ANSHEGA.


Valerius wants more than anything to become a werewolf. Their mannerisms show it passed their humanity, having developed characteristics in certain ways that almost give the illusion they are one to strangers who don’t know how to tell the difference. Their ears will twitch under the quiet sounds, or their nose will flair when attracted to a particular scent. Having spent their entire life under the guidance of Alastair and their pack has given them the best training as a hybrid, and it shows in the sculpting of their body, and their agility in their job.

They are patient when the years continue by, and Valerius is still being asked to put the work and time into being a part of the pack over being transformed. People naturally flock to them for guidance because of this reason alone, rumors have spread about them having a profound connection to Gaia. They pray often, finding secret locations through out Vargulf Territory when seeking her protection and guidance. 

They will give brutally honest advice and can read the person talking to them accurately even if they are being lied to. There is a rare prankster side of them that surfaces under too many drinks, choosing ways to make their pack-mates laugh by tortured mud brawls, or stealing ale for them to enjoy by the fire. They can be sarcastic to the point you think they are serious but if you are accustomed to their tells, you can see past the ruse.


Valerius was born in the City of Hala. Both their parents are hybrids and are in Pack Anshega. No one in their entire family spanning countless generations has ever made the change to becoming a werewolf. Ever since Valerius were a teenager, it was something they wanted fiercely. Alastair always spoke about this being a challenging decision because there was always a significant risk of losing their life in the process. So Valerius decided to live as much of their mortal life as possible until the day came that they could try to be turned into a wolf.

Their role in the pack is one held with great pride being a hybrid and without the transformation speed of a wolf to back them up. They scout and patrol along their borders, mostly the beaches on the water’s edge to be sure no one attempts to dock and travel north without the pack’s knowledge. They also act as a messenger between the higher ranks of the pack when they are out in the country and need to be located. This is their favorite role, giving them a chance to travel and bring back many trinkets and gifts for the pack when they pass through cities to share when they return.

This life is fulfilling, and Valerius knows a decision will need to be made about their next part of their life. They know that death is a possibility if they undergo a transformation, and they also know that they will have to relearn everything as a wolf. But it’s exciting regardless to be immortal even with all that comes with such a life altering decision. 


  • Pack Anshega: Their family gets to see deeper more personal sides of them than anyone else in the country. They will always make time to help a pack member and to be there for Alastair should the need arise. 
  • Tristan: The pair argue and bitter like siblings but Valerius worries Tristan’s goals are too ambitious for their age which causes for arguments. 
  • Kenji: Valerius has run into this vampire once or twice and both times they have exchanged heated words. They know its dangerous, but they can’t help but hold a hatred to these creatures. 
  • Oz: They would love for Oz to come perform for the pack. 
  • Sir Lucas: Valerius finds an easy friendship with the knight.


  • Describe your favorite or private location in Vargulf Territory that you like to pray at?
  • If you succeed in turning into a werewolf you have to witness your family perish in their mortality. How will you cope with such a thing? 

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