⇻ SHIVA is roughly 37 YEARS OLD and is a HYBRID. They resemble DOONA BAE and is the COIN CURATOR at the MINT in DRAGOS.


Stress fills frustrated lines into Shiva’s features. They are always pacing about and cramps riddle their joints with pains and an aura of concern. They have always been a hard worker, aiming for the highest peak of the summit in their goals and aspirations, but it’s wearing on them slowly like a plague. Their clothes are always fitly worn and obsessively styled to look their best even in work attire. Current new trends often adorn them when traveling into other cities. They always have on gloves to protect themselves from the silver they handle quite often. Scars litter their forearms and fingertips from many mistakes over the years for this specific professional hazard.

Shiva can’t help but stick their nose into everything. Being a hybrid isn’t the main reason for this, however. They have themselves convinced that most people they are working around have no decent work ethic without them barking off orders and making sure they keep the Mint in Dragos running efficiently. The determination they exude can be incredibly motivating to be wrapped up in, and most workers tend to accomplish their goals under Shiva’s leadership.

The hybrid takes great pride in their knowledge of all metals and ores and travels into the mines outside Leeds personally to speak to their primary suppliers. Shiva encourages the Athorian currency into the West. Their species abilities are heightened the most when hunting and finding ore. Even with their eyes closed Shiva can identify items placed in their palm by its individual scent, which has become a betting game among the men of the cities. Shiva’s small stature doesn’t hinder the fact that they have extra strength when they need it should things get out of hand.

Their personality can be a double-edged sword between work and play, and allowing them to have fun usually tears their attentions from important tasks for extended periods of time before guilt drives them back to work. When they fall into a slump, it can be devastating Shiva’s instincts for pack life flare uncontrollably during these times, and they become distracted with wanting anything involving physical contact. Their starved behavior sometimes sends them into the City of Hala to reconnect with kindred there.


Shiva was appointed their job because of a silly bet with Prince Nathaniel some years ago. It had been Shiva’s first time going to Dragon’s Lair for the festivities. It was a beautiful spring season and a ridiculously fun festival. It was then that Shiva found the Prince of Athoria playing a game where he swore he could guess the coin location trapped under a cup at an entertainment table. Shiva and a few others bet with the Prince, but the hybrid could tell which cup of three contained the coin simply by the scent lingering around it from the jester’s touch. Shiva played casually, but since Shiva was getting it correct every time the future King was greatly entertained. Prince Nathaniel bet that if Shiva got it right five more times in a row, they would appoint them to a new position when he was crowned King.

Shiva correctly found the coin five more times, and the Prince kept his word. With Nathaniel’s recent coronation, Shiva was appointed to aid the Mint in Dragos with sales and to find new metals to work into future designs.

Ever since their employment, rumors are spreading around about them. Unknowingly, it is mostly from humans who think something about them is suspicious, especially with their sudden appointment. Shiva’s grandfather, a wolf who is a part of Pack Anshega and works in the Quarry, worries for their safety and wishes them to live with the pack. But Shiva is nervous of such dedication. No one who works with them in Dragos or outside of the city knows they are a hybrid, and Shiva plans on keeping it a secret for as long as they can to avoid any conflict. Shiva does not want the King to work out that they had cheated all those years ago and risk losing all they have worked so hard to build up. This has begun to make their life stressful.


  • Kaleb: They make sure always to leave a few extra coins with the miner to influence better trading when they arrive for work.
  • King Nathaniel: Shiva is asked to play games with the King on a few rare occasions.
  • Eris: Of all the gifted humans they have met, there is something fun about Eris. And together they play with forging coins with their different affinity to fires.
  • Pack Anshega: If they are in town during a celebration they always take extra time off to spend it with their wolven side of the family if they can.
  • Raziel: Shive is grateful for the friendship they discovered with the angel. 


  • How did your immediate family end up in Dragos?
  • If you were found out about being a hybrid and it wasn’t received well for any reason, do you think living with the Pack might be the best course of action? Have you considered speaking to Alastair about it regardless?

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