⇻ CHANCE is 18 YEARS OLD and is a HYBRID. They resemble CAMERON BOYCE and is a newly established VAMPIRE HUNTER.


There is something special about Chance’s speed that they take advantage of. They like tight fitted and dark hued leather goods, as well as boots with solid soles to climb walls and trees with ease. They blend seamlessly into any part of town they are traveling into except that of nobility or higher class. Their street-rat vibe always makes its way through the moment they speak, as they are cocky and enjoy showing off at times that are typically better to be silent and respectful.

Their nimble frame and youthful appearance give off an immediate vibe they do not know how to handle themselves in a confrontation. It provides Chance the advantage while hunting and demand to get closer to their targets, or so they think. They are often unfortunately hurt because of their lack of skill and experience requiring them to dream up elaborate tales as too why they have so many scars. Chance takes many opportunities to seek out attention from older people who will likely give him affection or a pat on the shoulder.

When they were a small child, Chance learned how to use a bow and arrow from their family. They now handcraft custom tipped arrows and have been building better bows and even dabbled into crossbow making to aid in accuracy.

Their natural pride and arrogance come from their hybrid personality which Chance is not yet aware is the reason. Chance is a third generation hybrid. Their strength comes in the form of being able to run long distances without as much fatigue as a human might, and their sense of smell can pick up actively while in a town especially involving food.


Chance can’t talk about what happened when they were sixteen. There are memories there, some surface when certain words are brought up or when someone grabs their arm too tight. They know only one thing— that the caves of Verasova Mountains are extremely dangerous and they never want to go there again. The vampire who held many captives for feeding and substance purposes often tried to change the people they took from the roadways, but they always died. Watching so many people perish to a monster broke something in the teenager.

One night, after a few weeks of being unable to escape, they found themselves the last one alive. Scared and wanting to live more than anything, Chance took the opportunity and attacked the vampire during the day, realizing that was their weakest state. It had been a gruesome kill. Chance did not know what they were doing and was scared that the vampire would wake at any time. Because of this hesitation, they took every awful and murderous precaution to be confident they never rose again.

Freedom meant running away to the closest town, which just so happened to be Night Haven Village. They stayed there even though the village was consumed in vampires, which made them immediately more keen and aware of their surroundings. It also made their hatred towards vampires grow significantly. Eventually, Chance found their footing and took the last two years to travel around the country into hopes of finding more like-minded people who didn’t trust vampires.

There is nothing more that they want to do except kill as many vampires as they can. It is a foolish errand which stems from a need to continue to punish the monster that took them as a teenager. They are still jaded, still frustrated, and there is only so much time left before they are lost forever in their revenge.


  • Ashley & Harriet: Chance spied on them in Night Haven and knows what they are. They find it horrible and disgusting.
  • Derek: Ironically, this vampire saved Chance from falling off a cliff once.
  • Tristan: Chance keeps running into them and is growing suspicious they know something they might need to know.
  • Tyler & Tatiana: Chance is way more destructive when around the siblings and enjoys being their friend.


  1. Where did you grow up? Do you visit or have you visited since you escaped?
  2. How many vampires have you killed so far? What would make you stop?

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