BRUTUS is 32 YEARS OLD and is HYBRID in ANSHEGA PACK. They resemble BOB MORLEY and is known to be a SHIELDBROTHER at the OUTPOSTS.


Brutus wants nothing more than to be wild and free, and this mindset shows in their position with the Athorian Government as a Shieldbrother. Brutus has the body of a warrior and likes to show it off, sometimes raising his brazen and young attitude by refusing to wear armor. Brutus can usually be seen wielding a spear and can be covered in mud, dirt or other outdoor elements. Their hair is sometimes matted and can get curly at the ends, and when its longer it makes Brutus appear much younger. Still, even as Brutus continues to age with their mortality, they are told they are only at the peak of their appearances and stride. Brutus, now more than ever, is ready to be turned into a werewolf. As a hybrid, they use every part of their body to train and has extensive hearing, a specific trait passed down from their genetic bloodline. Brutus can sometimes be seen lost in a focused daze, listening to their surroundings. They are mostly listening for the Little John and Robin Hood centaurs of The Ancient Forest.

Most Shieldbrothers and Shieldmaidens have extreme personalities and are relentless in their efforts and successes in protected the travelers of the Eastern Region of Athoria. Brutus is content with serving the monarchy but their true loyalty is with Alastair and Anshega Pack. Brutus represents being Anshega with skillful talent, always making it a point incorporate that pride into daily conversation, especially with Knights of Athoria and other members of opposing clans and species. Sometimes Brutus can get overly protective of the wolven lifestyle and speaks as though they have already experienced life as a werewolf, including the change and the shift from human to beast. This can get them into trouble with other werewolves, whether in the pack or not, who think that Brutus’s know-all attitude is misplaced.

Brutus can usually be seen with many cuts and nicks for this very reason, and fights are not against them. They have traveled to Leeds to partake in fighting pits against supernaturals twice their size. They do not always win, but when they do, most of their friends know that it is an achievement that Brutus probably won’t shut up about for weeks. 


Being born into Anshega Pack was just a typical generation expectation for Brutus’s father specifically. He was an older wolf who had fathered many children over their immortal life, and they had always been well respected by Alastair due to their contribution and community work towards the pack and Hala. When the packmaster asked Brutus’s father to aid in the construction of Southwind Fortress and to oversee the project personally, it allowed Brutus as a young child to experience a togetherness between the two regions peacefully. Brutus remembers sitting on the top of half-way constructed buildings eating lunch and watching the laborers hard at work, and when it was finished and the trade began, Brutus made sure to take part in every activity they could and help in any way. Southwind Fortress is extremely special to Brutus.

When Brutus was in their twenties, Franco Athor had inquired to Ansehga Pack about allowing a new Shieldbrother to help serve the Athorian Kingdom. Brutus volunteered their services without hesitation, wanting to represent Anshega with pride.

Brutus also grew up with Tristan by their side and watching the future Pack Leader only encouraged Brutus to want to make the change. Brutus has seen the strength and courage it takes to be a werewolf and fully believes that they are ready right now. Brutus hopes that having served as a Shieldbrother for the Athorian Government for several years will show that as a werewolf they could be more capable inside of The Ancient Forest. Brutus believes that their dedication to follow direction and unwavering loyalty to the pack makes them the perfect candidate to be at Alastair’s side. 


  • Tristan: Brutus considers Tristan one of their best friends. Even though Brutus spends a lot of time in The Ancient Forest, the two are inseparable whenever Brutus is back in The City of Hala.  
  • Rex: Whenever these two work the same shifts as Shieldbrothers, it’s never a dull moment.
  • Que: Brutus finds Que’s blacksmithing to be extremely impressive, but Brutus is cautious of their specie regardless if they were brought up to treat everyone as equals.
  • Felix: Brutus recently discovered Felix’s vineyards and has made it a point to purchase from them when they travel to Brailston.
  • King Nathaniel: Only having seen the King in passing, Brutus remembers more about their father Franco from their visits to Southwind upon its creation. 
  • Eliza: For some reason these two end up having a good time together whenever they travel through The Ancient Forest.


  1. Describe your favorite place in Southwind Fortress? Do you wish the place would grow into something different than it is?
  2. What is your opinion on the vampires in Brailston?

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