ZOË is roughly 27 YEARS OLD and is a HUMAN. They resemble ASHLEY BENSON and are known to be a CARTOGRAPHER APPRENTICE in the CITY OF HALA. They are a MEMBER of PACK ANSHEGA.


When they are first encountered, Zoë is a bright beacon of personality. They cannot help but find an optimistic viewpoint when they have grown up in one of the safest cities in the country. Their hair is typically flowing in waves down their back and adorned in metal circlets or flower crowns from their gardens. Their clothes are regularly muddied and toes are usually bare without shoes as they take to being in the gardens or running along the hills of Vargulf Territory with their many pack mates.

They love everything about the Earth. From the smallest flowers to the setting sun, to the weather and the many seasons. Mother Gaia is her spiritual deity and is spoken too often in little whispers or while they are working to express their love in prayer. Zoë manages the many gardens throughout the territory to make sure they are kept free from weeds and offer a peaceful place of solitude and meditation for others.

Though many people tend to believe that they are quite airy in personality, Zoë can surprise many in their initiative to learn. They have no inclination to what a proper “norm” is in Athoria society and will take up tasks that should seem daunting– and usually are. Zoë’s drive and determination shines through in a comprehensive problem-solving strategy only they seem to understand to make them push ahead of the curve.


Zoë couldn’t have grown up in a better place. Their family has always lived with the wolves and been a part of the pack– some members bragging to others that it’s been since the very beginning. Pride is comfortable to wear with a smile and Zoë was determined even as a child to be a part of every single pack celebration and ceremony.

There was a fateful night, however, when under the full moon that it came close to changing everything. One of the younger lupus wolves had experienced their first transformation but was thrown into a dangerous blood lust over the pain. Zoë had run out to find their cat when the commotion came right for them. The Warriors were keeping them in line, fighting the rabid wolf down, but the beast was fast and broke free charging right for Zoë.

The collision knocked them out. When Zoë woke up in the morning, they were being treated. It was then they noticed the small scratch on their arm. For the entire month until the next full moon, Anshega Pack watched over them, but Zoë didn’t seem to have fallen into a fevered state. There was still concern. But by the next month, Zoë still did not transform into a werewolf against their will, therefore giving both them and the pack the confirmation they needed. Since that one night, Zoë hasn’t ever wanted to undergo the change, but they still loves their pack and understands that what happened was an accident.

Zoë has recently been tasked with learning how to draw maps accurately so they can be retained as record keeping for the pack. Wolves who return from exploring the country seek them out and relay what they saw. Zoë is unaware of the official business attached to this task, but the new work has allowed them to also visit all the cities throughout the country as they attempt to find newer techniques and perfect their job for Alastair.


  • Tristan: They grew up knowing that Tristan was fated to eventually be Pack Master, and though a part of them knows they might never see it in their lifetime, they have placed Tristan on a high pedestal.
  • Pack Anshega: Zoë attempts to be a part of every celebration and ritual with the pack. They are friends with many pack members and are rarely alone. 
  • Tate: They have been warned about this particular vampire who works for hire while on their travels. Zoë hates to admit that they are terrified they will run into them eventually.


  • Have you visited the Elysian Gardens? Rumors have it that a corrupted Fae lives there– are you scared?
  • How are you going to map out Night Haven? Any plans to acquire this information?

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