TYLER is 30 YEARS OLD and is a HUMAN. They resemble DRAKE and are known to be a BOUNTY HUNTER in THE BLOODHAWKS.


Tyler tends to dress nicer than they should for being of the lower spectrum of society, but they wear it well. Tyler wears leather bracers with matching belts, and tunics are of comfortable wool laced only with the occasion silk thread. They take pride in keeping the dirt and grime off of their face, even when performing arsenic duties. Tyler walks with a strut, unfathomable towards their overall demeanor, and it is mostly to accommodate a handsome smirk. The Bloodhawk has a knack for good posture and strides and has a mellow vibration in their voice that allows for recognized dominance.

The young person can appear to be a pleasantry in any environment they enter or quite the opposite. Either way, their charm is practically palpable. 

With all charm and outfits aside, behind the handsome visage rests a destructive and evil need for violence. What people might mistake for a polite smile is Tyler making sure they have their attention. They yearn for control for that matter, always needing the upper hand. Tyler takes what they want and has little patience. Games are not something to play, whether it be finding someone to bed that night or even gambling away winnings. If there is a chance of losing then Tyler changes the pace, with sneaky intentions of always winning and getting what they desire in the end. If not, then a brawl is most likely in order.

Tyler has no problems fighting with their fists. Being a swordsmen by trade as a child is surprisingly not what makes them dangerous. They take fighting to a different level; instead of classically throwing punches randomly, they use means of grappling, wrestling, or trickery in their reflexes to throw their attacker off balance no matter the size. Given the right stance or position, Tyler can put an enemy to sleep with a simple squeeze of his forearm against their neck or send several stings of pain down their spine with the right pressure a thumb. Tyler is a cocky fighter but believes in healthy competition, and rarely loses. 

Tyler also has a strange and fixated fascination with fire, which comes in handy when performing certain duties with The Bloodhawks.


Their family resided in seclusion in the Countryside. Their mother and father were extremely proud people, and Tyler’s father began teaching them lessons of combat at a young age and would spend countless hours drilling all he knew about managing the lands, so Tyler didn’t have to leave. It was all very annoying to Tyler. They sought something more as a child but was not sure what that could be. That was until Tyler’s mother became pregnant and bore their youngest sibling, Tatiana. Something darker in Tyler festered watching someone so young live their life so differently when they hadn’t been able too. 

They were always torn apart to participate in different activities, none of which appealed to either. Tatiana had a habit of running off, and Tyler would be forbidden to find them. Instead, they would sit by the window and look out into the Hallowed Oak in the distance and hope to see Tatiana come home. This all fueled their parents to enforce Tyler to stay home and though anger and frustration continued to brew under their skin, Tyler stayed. 

When Tatiana witnessed a murder by a beast in the Countryside, Tyler knew then and there what they were both missing. Together, they ran away and started inquiring in secret about other cities and the monsters of Athoria, reading countless books in the library in Miervaldis and speaking to the elder people of Brailston. They would sneak out at night in search of the beast and other supernaturals like vampires or creatures such as goblins. Tyler felt alive again and fantasized about murdering these mythical beings, which became an obsession for them.

When Tatiana turned eighteen, the two moved to Chile Village. They changed their last names to Klug and started a whole new life dedicated to murdering any supernatural they could find. After the recent Coronation event at the castle, they were approached by an adviser of King Nathaniel requesting them to assist The Bloodhawks. Recruited to handle the less savory side of enforcing the laws to those supernaturals and humans who plainly refuse to follow said laws, they are sent out to target large families of supernatural beings in Athoria, if necessary, to change their mind through fear. Together, they are the hands-on means of destruction and arsenic behavior with The Bloodhawks. They are walking a fine line of being far more than what the term “Bounty Hunter” truly means.  


  • Tatiana Klug: They are Tyler’s heart and soul, and they will protect them with their own life. 
  • Bloodhawk Members: Tyler finds the other members to be like a family, though they can be reserved and standoffish at times when having to listen to authority. 
  • Ol’ Milly: The old bat is someone Tyler can’t help but wish had been more a mother figure to them growing up. Seeing her brings up resentment for their family. 
  • Oz: The fire mage is secretly everything Tyler wants.
  • Killian: The two became acquainted when Killian put out a large scale fire Tyler had started in Grimsby.


  • How did your fascination with fire begin? 
  • Do you think you would have stayed on that farm for the rest of your life if Tatiana hadn’t been born? What would you have been doing? 

Additional Human Bios