TATIANA is about 25 YEARS OLD and is a HUMAN. They resemble MAISIE RICHARDSON-SELLERS and are known for being a BOUNTY HUNTER in THE BLOODHAWKS.


Gorgeous and noticeably dangerous, there is an eerie and alarming aroma that follows Tatiana wherever they walk. However, their exceptional attractiveness is a slick substitute for judgments passed due to their revealing attire. Their clothing is custom fit by their own hands to look less masculine and more feminine in an interesting way. They might be seen wearing pants that sit low with a pair of boots with a high heel, their midriff exposed and a vest or small cloak to sit atop. Their eyes are dark and their smile is seductive, and they use their dominant features to their advantage. Tatiana is built like a warrior and is extremely athletic. They wear abnormal jewelry that seems foreign, and is rarely seen without their older sibling Tyler at their side.

Fierce and dominating; when it comes to being a Bloodhawk member Tatiana is a definite go-to person. Being extremely fit and agile, their need for destruction is executed with their member status. They have no problems destroying anything or anyone if it pleases the King Nathaniel, and getting their hands dirty is just an example of a lazy day. The sibling team enjoy the art of arsenal and experimenting with new concoctions to make things explode. Watching homes burn and singe down to nothing and the people scatter about as law-breakers rot inside is a pleasure, and something that their sick mind enjoys experiencing. Constantly they dream of ridding the lawless country of their dishonesty in disturbing ways, brainstorming with Tyler and other members on how to bring into justice those that have harmed citizens of Athoria. In all their glory of being a supernatural murderer, Tatiana only wishes for the innocents of Athoria to remain safe.

Their choice of weapon is small, duel blades, which they keep at their side or around their ankle at all times. Practicing with these weapons is a favorite pastime. Tatiana has a loud and obnoxious personality, especially when they’ve been drinking. They are flirtatious and enjoys any type of attention, especially those that are bothered by their haughty attitude.

Their new-found passion for being a Bloodhawk member is extreme, and they will gladly die for their new family. They are fearless, and will go head on into an expedition if it meant eliminating a lawbreaker. 


Their family resided in seclusion in the Countryside. Their mother and father were extremely proud people, and Tatiana had a knack for running away, wanting to track down the stories of myths and legends. When they would come home and was scolded to their room (their parents wouldn’t let them out of their sight afterwords), they would indulge themselves in books about adventure and battles. Needless to say, Tatiana’s childhood was full of trouble; one that their parents had hoped would wear off as they aged. Unfortunately for them, no such thing happened.

At the age of fourteen and whilst adventuring, Tatiana witnessed a vicious murder of one of their neighbors, who had been out and about collecting fresh flowers. The beast had seemed to strangle the neighbor, breaking their neck and leaving them to die. It ran away on what looked like two legs, but its body was that of a raging wolf. Both terrified and incredibly thrilled that the stories of monsters were true, Tatiana knew then that a life of riches would not be in their future.

Together with their sibling, they ran away and started inquiring in secret about other cities and the monsters of Athoria, reading countless books in the library in Miervaldis and speaking to the elder people of Brailston. They would sneak out at night in search of the beast and other supernaturals like vampires or creatures such as goblins. Tyler felt alive again and fantasized about murdering these mythical beings, which became an obsession for them.

When Tatiana turned eighteen, the two moved to Chile Village. They changed their last names to Klug and started a whole new life dedicated to murdering any supernatural they could find. After the recent Coronation event at the castle, they were approached by an adviser of King Nathaniel requesting them to assist The Bloodhawks. Recruited to handle the less savory side of enforcing the laws to those supernaturals and humans who plainly refuse to follow said laws, they are sent out to target large families of supernatural beings in Athoria, if necessary, to change their mind through fear. Together, they are the hands-on means of destruction and arsenic behavior with The Bloodhawks. They are walking a fine line of being far more than what the term “Bounty Hunter” truly means.  


  • Tyler: Their older sibling is the most important part of their life, and together they are quite unstoppable
  • Bloodhawk Members: Tatiana takes direction very well and enjoys having comrades to adventure with as they protect the citizens of Athoria and those in the ungoverned lands.
  • Tova: Tatiana had a habit of sneaking to the Vendela residence in Crescent Grove when they were younger and even aided the family in a few of their strange earth spells.
  • Jade: The two did not have a friendly encounter recently when passing each other in their travels.


  • What is the sweetest thing someone did for you that actually made you feel loved?
  • Of all the myths and legends, which stories do you think would prove to be the hardest to kill?

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