SONJA HALLVARD is roughly 32 years old and is a HUMAN. They resemble KATHERYN WINNICK and are currently a KNIGHT out of DRAGOS.


With their blond hair and striking blue eyes, Sonja draws the eye of those who meet them. They have a smile that can brighten rooms, but when angered, their gaze can instill fear in the bravest of hearts. Their hair is often pulled back or braided up into styles fit for fighting. Sonja’s tall and curvaceous frame is accented by their armors of mail and leather. While on duty, they are always seen with a sword at their side and a shield strapped to their back. Despite being a warrior, they are both comfortable in ring-mail and silks. They have no quarrels with dressing for formal events and will sometimes don a dress when not on active duty.

Sonja may be popular among some of the common folk of Dragos, but they understand how to balance pride with humility. They carry themselves proudly and refuses to let anyone belittle them or others. Some may even say they are just like the knights of storybook tales, both honorable and courageous. They may hide it well, but Sonja is plagued with a dark and unforgiving side. Should they be pushed beyond their patience, their fury can be savage in nature. Any who cross them should be warned. 

Traveling to Crescent Grove is common for Sonja in the winter months. Though they claim to those in Dragos that it is to simply bear the cold and become more accustomed to unique climate regarding training purposes, Sonja actually cherishes the company of Annika Keeley as well as the mead from The Leaky Leaf. Sonja will sometimes stay weeks in Crescent Grove to remind themselves that there is a life outside of the military aspect that they are so comfortable with.


Sonja was born and raised in Dragos. Their mother was a weaver who worked alongside men in the forges, tanning hides and sewing leather for armors. Their father aided Franco during the Rebellion and for his loyalty he was appointed as a Shieldbrother at the Outposts, and hoped to one day shine into Knighthood. Though, his career ended all too early from an injured knee during a tournament at Dragon’s Lair. Sonja’s father began to support their family on his meager wages, working as one of many blacksmiths in the city. Even from a young age, Sonja knew how much those dreams meant to their family. It wasn’t just about fame or glory, but legacy and security as well. 

From that day, Sonja decided to take the up the sword. Sonja already wanted to follow in their father’s footsteps and with a new purpose, they were even more determined to accomplish that goal. They began to train with their aunt, who was a Shieldmaiden alongside Sonja’s father, as often as they could. Once they were old enough, Sonja began to participate in tournaments. It wasn’t until last spring that there was a special tourney held. The victor of the Melee Competition would be awarded with a Knighthood and given land in Dragos to accompany their title. 

Sonja fought like never before and by the day’s end, they knelt before King Franco Athor and rose a Knight of Athoria. They got their manor, the status, and security. Today, they act as the primary trainer for new recruits, who often look to them as an inspiring figure. Yet as the years run by, they realize that where fame ends, legacy begins. Sonja doesn’t want to spend the rest of their days as a fleeting memory, they wish to be more and to go down in history as someone great. They just aren’t sure how to make this happen.


  • Sir Lucas: Sonja and Lucas grew up together and Lucas even helped Sonja with their training before they left for Southwind Fortress. Some say that Sonja and Lucas are perfect for each other.
  • Rex: Rex was companions with Sonja’s aunt when she was a Shieldmaiden and spent some time with Sonja when they were a kid.
  • Annika: Considered one of their closest friends, Sonja has yet to discover that Annika has recently been turned into a creature of the undead.
  • Azar: They are great companions and enjoying their rare time together has often lead them on amazing adventures.
  • King Nathaniel: Sonja is happy to serve the King after growing up with him in Dragos. 


  • Do you think you need to start a family of your own to secure your legacy?
  • Will the knighthood think less of you if they found out you actually enjoyed the quiet life of Crescent Grove?

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