SIR LUCAS is 33 YEARS OLD and is a HUMAN. They resemble BRADLEY JAMES and are known to be a KNIGHT in SOUTHWIND FORTRESS.


A nobleman is not seen without the utmost dignity and respect, and a knight is not seen without his armor and sword. Both are traits that Sir Lucas carries proudly while they patrol the streets of Southwind Fortress. They have seen many different types of people come through the fortresses, and they will always have their sword or crossbow out for protection if need be. If they take the night off, Sir Lucas can be seen in fashionable tunics or green robes to support their King and region colors. Their hair is general longer, cut choppy and is consistently blonde. In the spring and summer it appears lighter giving them the visage of a much younger lad than they really are. They are clean shaven with a striking jaw and pointed features. Training their fellow guards allows them them to stay in impeccable shape.

Knights of Athoria, or any other country for that matter, are assumed to be presumptuous bastards. It is said that their pride and ego interfere heavily with their duty at times, though their loyalty to one another and to their King stands true. For Sir Lucas, they had never quite fit into their fellow Knights growing up. Their attitude about duty and honor came in the form of attempting to help others before themselves, something that other friends their age were lacking. Because of this special trait, Lucas was appointed head of the guard at the Southwind Fortress and has been known to lead with the stern fist of a father-figure as well as the kindness in representing their region.

They enjoy seeing the many different people traveling to the great region of Athoria and Vargulf to the Hallowed Oak, and even recognizes a few of them from their returned travels over the years. They have made friends with the wolves of Anshega Pack. Trade and commerce is important to Athoria, and so Sir Lucas takes their job very seriously and has no problems slaying a man to the death if need be, or throwing one in the jails to be transported to the dungeons of Dragos.

On nights they spend around the city or visiting other cities like Brailston, Sir Lucas can be seen at taverns and enjoys different forms of entertainment like arm wrestling, gambling, darts, or other fun games that require skill and a fair fight. They do not agree with lying and cheating, and they attempt to surround themselves in the company of good-hearted people even outside of their brotherhood.


The blood of a noble does not go unnoticed, and from the time Lucas was just a small child they were tested to see what path they would excel in. They were offered the finest of schooling from private scholars in Dragos and grew up with the intent of finding their place within the castle doing something important. Lucas never exactly enjoyed battling to the death and found systematic fighting with their fellow friends boring. They enjoyed a closed fist brawl and a good run, followed by more hand-to-hand combat with smaller weapons versus wielding swords that were too big for their body. Other recreations that future knights took part in were dull to Lucas as well; like jousting or hunting. They preferred to ride the horses openly into the wild, free and without a saddle or armor rather than compete with them inside a ring at Dragon’s Lair.

Their family was disappointed at Lucas’s attractions as they were not the norm for a child their age, but their faults did not waver their noble blood. When they were knighted at the age of eighteen, Lucas patrolled the dungeons of Dragos for several years. And after paying their dues, they were finally appointed a higher ranking position at the Southwind Fortress.


  • Gage: Sir Lucas can be found hanging out with Gage sometimes on their night off, even though their personalities seem to clash most times.
  • Valerius: They were one of the first friends that Sir Lucas made in Southwind Fortress.
  • Sonja: Life long friends, Lucas will always carry a special connection with Sonja that is irreplaceable.
  • King Nathaniel: Growing up next to King Nathaniel and knowing the person that he is keeps Lucas excited to remain a Knight in Athoria. 


  • Do you think the rumors about the last Dragon Priest in the dungeons of Dragos are true?
  • Have you ever traveled into the City of Hala? 

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