SABINA is approximately 50 YEARS OLD and is a HUMAN. They resemble MELISSA MCBRIDE and are known to be a PICKPOCKET in THE EMERALD HAND.


Sabina’s appearance tends to match whatever mood they are finding themselves in. If they are feeling up and energetic, they tend to take a bath and find whatever nicer clothing they have and sport it around Grimsby even if there isn’t a special occasion. If they are finding themselves in deep depressions, Sabina usually looks as if they’ve crawled out of a gutter. Sabina’s extreme moods last for weeks at a time.

If Sabina manages to laugh, they will laugh for days at things that are not funny or are slightly inappropriate. Those that do not know them might join in, but it usually gets awkward pretty fast. Sabina can cling to someone when they are feeling needy or insecure, and even the smallest amount of attention can bring an unwavering affection from them. This has caused members of The Emerald Hand to think them odd, especially given Sabina’s wide range of moods. Weeks can go by without ever seeing Sabina, and in those cases they are usually holed up in their shack not having eaten or seen sunlight. Other times Sabina is out on the town or traveling to Brailston on a natural high. It is difficult to tell when these drastic moods will change, but those in their clan are beginning to recognize Sabina’s behavior and use it to their advantage.

Pick-pocketing and mugging is not anything new in Sabina’s life. They do not find excitement in it nor do they find it boring. Sabina uses the resources of The Emerald Hand to barely take care of themselves, and if they get a free meal or two out of it in the process then so be it. 


Sabina bounced around from place to place as a child due to their Father being a wanted criminal from a wealthy mage in Miervaldis. Sabina never figured out what their father stole from the wizard, but it was apparently such a big deal that they went into immediate hiding. For a while they stayed in Leeds and made a living stealing what they could or running cons against those with more money. Sabina pretended to be homeless and be taken in by strangers, only for their father to case the house later. This went on for some time until Sabina got older. One day their Father took them to a brothel and was prepared to sell Sabina to the owner a few nights a week in order to make money that way. Sabina caught onto their fathers plans and ran their own con against their father and the brothel owner, taking the last of their money and fleeing back to Miervaldis, the one place Sabina knew their father would never go back to.

After recently getting caught fencing some fake religious artifacts for Johan, Sabina fled the city once again. A strange encounter with a Kitsune in the Hallowed Oak lead Sabina to Grimsby where she discovered The Emerald Hand, a thieves guild that they had only heard through whispers. Although they are older than most of the members of the guild, Sabina still needs to survive. It is somewhat embarrassing to be just a pickpocket at their age, but Sabina is taking the title with a grain of salt. Sabina knows how to work a crowd and how to run a heist, they are just waiting for their chance to prove to Jiayang that they are a larger asset.


  • Johan: Sabina has no hard feelings towards Johan and hopes to see them again one day, especially now with their connections to the thieves guild.
  • Ethan: The sweet delights on bad days truly aid in balancing their moods. 
  • Rosamond: When in Brailston they be sure to steer clear of the detective knowing of anyone they could work out their profession. 
  • Raziel: They have heard about this angelic being aiding people. Sabina is curious if they can help with their mood swings.


  • Is there anything that will make you instantly fall into one of your extreme moods?
  • What do you think happened to your father after you ditched him in Leeds so many years ago?

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