REX aka THE BEAR is 47 YEARS OLD and is a HUMAN. They resemble MANU BENNETT and are known to be a SHIELD BROTHER at the OUTPOSTS.


At first glance Rex may appear to be all brawn and no brain due to the massiveness of their stature and the booming sound of their voice. This Shieldbrother takes their oath to the Kingdom very seriously and it can be hard to muster a laugh from them when they are on duty at the Outposts. They are shrouded in attire that is easy to maneuver yet have enough protection to keep them safe from any attacks from the Robin Hood and Little John centaurs or straggling goblins in The Ancient Forest. Although these threats are few and far between, Rex is constantly at the ready. Their hair is dark and kept out of their eyes, and their body is not to be trifled with. Rex has trained relentlessly for many years to make sure they are in the best shape of their lives. At forty seven years old, Rex has never felt better.

Rex is the type of person that will beat on their chest to get their colleagues excited and can be found either dancing around fires at night or patrolling the perimeters depending on their safety. Everything they do is with a loud and dramatic, boisterous flair that can be entertaining and encouraging. They are always prepared and they do not do anything half-assed or without certainty that the outcome is in their favor. Rex is resourceful and knows the Ancient Forest better than anyone. They know what plants and herbs grow there, and they know where the best places to camp out are. And they especially know not to travel the same routes repeatedly due to the Centaurs being able to catch onto their trail. Rex will risk their life for the travelers, no matter their specie, coming to and from Dragos, Vargulf and Southwind, and they are extremely loyal to their frequent merchants who rely on them to get them to and from the cities safely.

On their downtime, Rex enjoys drinking until they black out and can turn any typical night in a Southwind or Dragos tavern into the best night of their lives. Rex likes to mess around with the younger Knights of Athoria and dares them to keep up with them in terms of alcohol and adventures. Some think that Rex is a kid stuck in the body of a bear. Rex doesn’t disagree with this metaphor. They live their life this way due to their experience at the Franco Rebellion so many years ago. If they stop and think about it long enough, Rex’s mood can turn into something more depressing and darker. They do not prefer to reminisce and does a good job at keeping those memories of the war to themselves.


Rex was seventeen when King Vinsor landed on their shores. They were a servant to an abusive Dragonpriest and was locked inside a closet when the slaying began. From behind the cracks they witnessed their priest be ripped in small pieces and was sure that they were next. Vinsor Knights found Rex and spared their life, but only so they could then serve the new King of their city. With the Dragonpriests slayed, the Dragons of the country soared away in freedom; Rex remembers watching them disappear over the stretch of fertile land and away towards Trinity Bay. Rex had only heard terror stories of the lands beyond their city and was oblivious to any other type of life. Vinsor proved to be no different than the Dragonpriests. Along with many other young and small children in Dragos, they were forced to now serve the new Knights of their city. 

When Franco Athor gathered those of the Rebellion, Rex wanted to fight. They had never hurt or killed anyone before but they knew that the Rebellion would change their lives forever. Victorious from the Rebellion, Rex pledged their allegiance to Franco Athor and was tasked to explore the Ancient Forest south of Dragos. Rumors of shapeshifting beasts were said to be on the other side but Rex was unafraid. What they found was much worse; centaurs. The exploration party was murdered and only Rex stood against Robin Hood and Little John. Rex had stolen a Dragonpriest amulet after the Rebellion and had worn it around their neck for the expedition. Now, they squeezed the stone in hopeful desperation after witnessing how the Priest had used it before. They were instantly shrouded in a blinding white light that warded off the centaurs. Rex ran south for a full day with the light surrounding them before they emerged on the otherside.

Rex lead several Anshega members back through The Ancient Forest with the light from their amulet. However, Rex has been unable to recharge their amulet since the day of their return home. Although many mages have attempted to restore the power once inside the stone, it has been to no avail. Rex challenged themselves without the amulet and is known today to be the bravest and most knowledgeable Shieldbrother of The Ancient Forest. Even without the magical stone, Rex can navigate the forest, trick and fight the centaurs, and lead the traveling parties to safety with every trip. Although Rex is not an appointed Knight of Athoria, being a Shieldbrother is a much more promising title to The Bear.


  • Farryn: They were one of the first werewolves that Rex had ever seen fully shift. Although Farryn has a slightly different opinion on the two in regards to the term “friends”, Rex does not believe that they would be half the hunter and fighter they are today without the help of Farryn in their earlier years after the Rebellion.
  • Richard: The ten year age difference means nothing in regards to their friendship. Richard is Rex’s best friend and their different lifestyles makes their relationship more entertaining and funny.
  • Sonja: Rex was companions with Sonja’s aunt when she was a Shieldmaiden and spent some time with Sonja when they were a kid.
  • Cato & Lucy: Frequent travelers of The Ancient Forest, Rex makes sure to keep all their regulars safe and sound.
  • Brutus: Whenever these two work the same shifts as Shieldbrothers, it’s never a dull moment. 


  • Besides the dragon that sometimes flies around Dragos, have you ever seen one since that night the Dragonpriests were slain? Do you want to?
  • What does life for The Bear look like after retirement as a Shieldbrother?

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