PRIYA is roughly 31 YEARS OLD and is a HUMAN. They resemble JESSICA LUCAS and are currently a HUNTER/TRAPPER out of CHILE VILLAGE and are interested in HUNTING SUPERNATURALS.


At first glance Priya seems a part of the community without any ulterior motives or secrets. Wearing the best hunting gear has given them an extensive collection of leather goods to make travel and their job easier. Their hair is often worn down and can take on a wild appearance if they are fresh back from a hunt. Their favorite weapons are a whip crafted from folding many layers of black dyed leather, and a bow and arrow for clean kills, especially with those animals ensnared in their specially designed traps.  

Priya’s mouth is in a constant state of commands and boisterous demands when they are speaking to others. Their bossy attitude stems from a deep insecurity about their fears over the supernaturals. They refuse to face this fear head on with words, and it’s the core of their drive to attempt to perfect a better way to capture them to keep their Chile Village safe. Their faith in humanity is a powerful motivator to their ambitions. They are always there to lend a hand to the needy, the poor, and the orphaned children when they require it. Priya is also able to put down their attitudes and enjoy life and entertainment.

Of all things, Priya can exhibit a sly demure when while traveling. Their pride in their hunting craft is obvious, but it’s mostly used to the face that they are trying to uncover information about these other creatures. This side of them is a rarity and can be devious and mysterious to species who don’t see them as any threat.


Priya was raised in Chile Village. They grew up with the stories Ol’ Milly filled the townsfolk with over a fire or a gathering celebration. As some of the younger kids their age at the time romanticized some of these supernaturals, Priya went the opposite direction. Fear twisted in them irrationally, never having met one or if they had, there was no way actually to tell. This all festered well into their late twenties when they finally had enough and took up a trade to get them out of the Village for a while. Hunting and trapping provided the stability they needed.

It was on the night of a full moon when something happened that would change everything for the worse. In one of their traps – a specially designed one to successfully ensnare a giant black bear – was a werewolf. The creature had been gravely injured by falling into their trap. At first Priya was unsure of what to do, but in the end they shot it full of arrows until it laid dead at the bottom.

They still have the pelt in secret under their bed.

Priya is interested in hunting more than just wild game. Having successfully killed their first werewolf was a thrill they wish to repeat. Now, they are traveling the entire country and researching new ways to make their weapons and traps, all while continuing to survive in Athoria.


  • King Nathaniel: They want to meet the King more than anything else in the entire world and hope now that they leave the Village more often, they might catch a glimpse of them. 
  • Rosamund: Priya appreciates what Ros does for a living and sometimes follows them around on their investigations in hopes of finding some interesting research. 
  • Tristan: Priya found their determination to show off on a bear hunt enlightening to a few questions they had. 
  • Lucy: Keeps insisting on them traveling into Dragon's Lair to compete.


  • Are you aware of the wolf pack in the south? You might have killed one of their wolves, aren’t you scared if they find out? 
  • Are there any supernaturals that you do not mind being around?

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