LUCAN is 48 YEARS OLD and is a HUMAN. They resemble ADINA PORTER and are known to be the MASTER OF ARMS in THE BLOODHAWKS.


Lucan is someone who has seen the end of the world and survived, and their story rests heartily on their face. Their appearance is unique and simply looking at them gives you a multitude of feelings; uneasiness, curiousness, and above all…weariness. Lucan wears custom made leathers and armor, a mixture of creations that they’ve gathered on the road. Some of it represents a time of the Dragon Priests, while others were inspired by a small battle of witches from Leeds many years ago. The armor is magically enhanced and easy to move in. Without their protection, Lucan feels exposed to not only the elements of the world but also to the dangers of supernaturals, as well as lawbreakers.

Being someone who has traveled the entire country in their lifetime, Lucan has seen their fair share of unpleasant people. Lucan never forgets a face or a name. Their unfortunate sentiment from those they have harmed in the past is their ultimate weakness. 

This master of arms is smarter than the eager creator. They have a way of putting together weapons and contraptions that adhere to a specific type of person or creature. Lucan understands that not every weapon is efficient for the many different lawbreakers in the world, so they are tasked with organizing ways of attack with items that are unique to the situation. Lucan tries not to waste too much time crafting swords or shields and instead uses the various blacksmiths around the country, particularly those in Dragos or Southwind Fortress. 


Lucan was a smuggler for the Dragon Priests of the east before King Vinsor came to wipe them away. Besides their partner, Lucan’s teenage size allowed them to sneak into the cities of Grimsby, Leeds or Miervaldis and bring all types of different people back to the priests. This was an extremely special and difficult task as it was known to the rest of the country that the country to the east could not be breached due to the many trapped dragons that “protected” this land. However, Lucan and their partner were strong and agile, and they had a way of speaking and convincing people to do what they wanted. Lucan is not proud of their past, and sometimes these memories haunt them in their sleep.

At the very start of the Franco Rebellion, Lucan fled before being recruited for one side or the other. They left their partner behind.

During Franco’s rule in Athoria, Lucan stayed far away from the Athorian Region and took up life in Grimsby. They were a low-key member of The Emerald Hand for a short amount of time but mostly practiced smithing and archery, and attempted to live a quiet life. But they knew they were more than that, and that the quiet life was for them. Feeling the need to repent for their past sins, Lucan found themselves submerged in Holy Water inside of the Church of Athoria, reclaiming their life to a new purpose; to serve King Nathaniel Athor. Now, Lucan works out of Chile Village to complete their job, but also works as leading Bloodhawk Members out into the country, as they are familiar with the land.


  • King Nathaniel: Lucan only recently met the King in person thanks to the Church of Athoria.
  • Que: A popular blacksmith go to for Lucan’s more weapon-related needs. 
  • Tyler: Lucan gifted Tyler with a special dagger.


  • What happened to those people that you smuggled to the Dragon Priests in the past? Was it worth it?
  • What’s your favorite type of contraption? What’s it used for?

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