LORD THEODORE TYSON is 32 YEARS OLD and is a HUMAN. They resemble GODFREY GAO and are known to be a TAX COLLECTOR in BRAILSTON CITY.


Theodore is rich in both pocket and personality. They stroll the streets of the cities proudly and wears a smugness that most people greatly dislike. They are not a favored sight to the people of Athoria, yet this does not bother Theodore in the slightest. In fact, they purposefully make it a point to appear overly dressed in order to make the lesser folk seem mundane. A silver dueling sword is always at their hip and several lackeys can be seen following the Lord around protecting them and the coins they collect.

There is nothing better in the world to Theodore then collecting taxes. Being employed by the Kingdom directly, they take their job very seriously. They feel strongly about keeping the Athor reign rich and wealthy. No house or shop is left unturned. If certain persons cannot pay, they make arrangements to collect in other ways, such as taking land or possessions in exchange for keeping their establishment afloat. Theodore does not have a heart when it comes to the poorer folk and will not hesitate to take all that they have if they owe it. In addition, Theodore taxes supernatural creatures, no matter their loyalty to the crown of Athorian Region, much more than they do the humans.

The only friends that Theodore has are their drinking buddies in the taverns, and even they can get tired of the human pretty easily. They are loud and boisterous and likes to make it known that they are the center of attention. Being wealthy does not help their ego, and Tyson likes to think that they are good at just about everything; from singing to gambling and anything in between.

 Lord Theodore likes to think that they see right through the vampires of The Midnight Congregation. The vampires play the tax collector well to cover their tracks, but this does not keep Theodore from paying extremely close attention to their whereabouts.


The Tyson’s are an original noble bloodline from the tragic days of Vinsor. They had always followed the tyrannical rule at Vinsor and when Franco Athor’s Rebellion overthrew him at Dragos, the Tyson’s had a choice to make; stay and be loyal to Franco or leave with Vinsor. They choose to stay for unknown reasons.

Theodore grew up with Franco as their King and learned to appreciate the crown in Athoria. Their Father was a tax collector in Vinsor in his younger days so the expectation was already placed in Theo at a young age. They attended school and received a well-earned education. However, Theodore was not handed anything in his youth. They were forced to earn their place and become their own respected authority. This caused them to have a slight distaste for authority in general and sometimes they still struggle to follow their own rules. They blame their callous attitude about civilians on their father and believes that if they were simply given the right to become a tax collector than they would be more lenient with those that owe the kingdom coin.

Several years ago when Theodore’s mother passed of an illness and their father retired, Theodore took over and began to do things their own way. They had watched their father be passionate for the people in Athoria and, out of spite, Theodore treated them horribly. In the midst of this change, Theodore had a run in with a werewolf who had come to Brailston to trade leather. The wolf refused to pay the outrageous amount of taxes that Lord Theodore wished to collect and a fight ensued. After a gruesome battle, Tyson managed to slay the beast with their silver sword, gifted to them from their father for this very reason. It turned out that the wolf had been working on their initiation into Anshega Pack. When the pack received word of the murder, Theodore was threatened and a vow of revenge was placed on their head. Although Theo has managed to escape their clutches thus far, they worry that one day they will meet their demise at the hands of the monsters. For now they hide behind the laws of Athoria.


  • King Nathaniel: Theodore has a different persona when interacting with the King that is overly loyal, pristine and borderline fake.
  • Farryn: They know this wolf is keeping an eye out for them outside of the Athorian Realm.
  • Raven: Theo fiercely taxes Raven for their shop.


  • Why do you think your family stayed behind when King Vinsor went back home? Weren’t they loyal to him?
  • Don’t you think it’s time to free the people of Athoria from your spiteful grasp on their coin?

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