⇻ JIAYING is roughly 24 years old and is a HUMAN. They resemble CLAUDIA KIM and are currently the TYCHE of THE EMERALD HAND.


Jiaying is of average height, standing at about 5’7’’. Strangers often underestimate them, due to their stature, but they have the perfect build of a thief. Their frame is athletically toned, equipped with the rise and fall of gentle curves. Every step they take is silent and there is always a clever grin to match their feline grace. Jiaying often styles their hair in long, thick braids that frame their soft facial features. Although there is a slight ferocity that can be seen behind their eyes. That factor is only emphasized by their attire. They wear their own custom set of leather armor as the Emerald Hand’s leader. There is always a twin set of daggers or slender blades on their person and Jiaying is always prepared to use them.

As with all leaders of the thief’s guild, they are surrounded by luck. It is rare to find Jiaying in a sour mood, for a smile often colors their features. They are benevolent leader and find great joy in the need to prosper. While they are a keen fighter, Jiaying also prizes the art of strategy. They have a clever mind and will often use it before drawing a weapon. Their strategic prowess was the reason why they were chosen to be the next Tyche of the Emerald Hand. Jiaying can swindle the most paranoid patrons out of their coin and steal from a creature that can hear their every move.

Being a new leader The Emerald Hand, Jiaying is still trying to find her personal trust with members and anyone affiliate with the guild in general. Though not entirely paranoid, Jiaying is internally cautious about bigger moves for the thieves guild. Jiaying has begun secretly testing their members with specific heists or jobs to see just where the greed lies and if their members are being as honest as they can for a bunch of thieves. Jiaying understands the price of cuts and deals when it comes to thievery and doesn’t exactly expect anyone to risk their lives for free, but they are more interested in the loyalty aspect when they return to Grimsby. Because of this secrecy and trickery, many members of the guild are finding themselves inside of the Athorian Dungeons after being caught. Jiaying enjoys visiting them in their cells afterwards. 


Jiaying was born to a small family in Grimsby. Their father was a mercenary and their mother was a thief of the Emerald Hand. When they were old enough, their parents taught them their skills and began to groom them for the outlaw lifestyle of Grimsby natives. When it came time for Jiaying to choose their profession, they decided to follow in their mother’s footsteps. With their mother to vouch for them, access into the guild was simple. Although, their initiation was far from easy. Jiaying’s task was to steal an ancient artifact from the city of Miervaldis. The item was heavily guarded and, to make matters more complicated, they had to steal the artifact during the day hours. 

The prospecting thief impressed the entire guild with the feat, eventually becoming a well-known member of the Hand. When their mentor perished last winter from an illness, Jiaying was surprisingly handed the Emerald Gem and became the Hand’s new Tyche. This brought a round of controversy from the Lieutenant typically being given the role but the majority of the Guild stood by them. They’ve spent the last year settling into the role. Although, Jiaying’s rule may be threatened by unforeseen events. Bouts of bad luck have plagued some members of the guild, leading to discontent within their ranks. Today, they strive to keep their hold over the clan, searching for the root of their failing luck. 


  • Raven: They don’t fully trust the vampire, but Jiaying finds them to be reliable enough to appoint them as the guild’s main fence in Brailston. 
  • Felix: Felix’s quick retirement when Jiaying was recently promoted to Tyche did not sit well with them. Jiaying sees red flags everywhere regarding Felix but is unable to pin them down for anything criminal regarding The Emerald Hand.
  • Lord Theodore: Sharing an appreciation for money keeps these two career opposites on secret friendly terms.


  • Don’t you think that your guild members will find out that you have a direct role in sending some of them to jail? Can’t you trust them?
  • Have you always wanted to be the leader of the Emerald Hand? 

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