ELIZA is 45 YEARS OLD and is a HUMAN. They resemble YVETTE NICOLE BROWN and are known to be a WAND MAKER and WOODSHOP WORKER in MIERVALDIS.


Eliza is a friendly face that both confuse and impress people that come to their wand shop in Miervaldis. Eliza is seen in basic clothing and not ones that flatter or are worn to impress. Their middle-class standard is visibly shown through their lack of expensive jewelry or valuables of the sort. Corsets round their waist and freshly picked flowers comb their hair. For having worked with their hands their entire life, Eliza’s nails are cut short and the skin on the tips of their fingers are slightly rough. They have various small scars from nicks or cuts from their craft. Eliza has a booming smile and an obnoxious laugh, and their facial expressions are quite easy to read.

For a human, Eliza is particularly good at deciphering strands of elements that are commonly used to make wands for mages. Throughout their years, Eliza has tracked and kept record of which strands work well together and for what type of gifted human given various variables. They might suggest a troll hair core wand for a darker mage or a unicorn core for a healing mage. However, due to Eliza lacking the essential Fae gene to wield magic themselves, Eliza is unable to test their wands before selling them. They encourage gifted humans to try out the wands first. This can have outcomes to multiple extremes. Eliza has watched as mages caught randomly on fire or flown straight up into the air and never came back down. On the opposite end, Eliza has also helped certain mages find the perfect wand that fits them just right.

Eliza’s wands are their main selling item, though they find pleasure in their other wooden creations. They make small pieces of furniture, decorative jars, or fancy bookshelves, and sells them at the local markets on sunny days. Eliza loves working with wood and is extremely talented in what they do.


Eliza’s life in Miervaldis had always been spunky and full of life. They learned to appreciate all types of people and surrounded themselves in the importance of family and friends. They were book smart and caught onto things naturally, especially when it came to working with their hands. As Eliza got older, they thought they’d get married and make a living selling their woodwork and live a pretty “normal” life. But the day they saw The Great Eagles changed everything.

A very small piece of The Wasteland can be seen at the eastern most tip of Miervaldis across the Western Bay. It was always said to them as a child that the Wasteland would play tricks on you and take your life, and that no one had ever survived setting foot on the region. But one day Eliza saw The Great Eagle and even though they knew it might be a trick, it did not stop Eliza from hiring a group of mercenaries and an expeditionary to try to track down the eagle. Everyone begged Eliza not to go, especially their family. Once they had reached the beaches of the wasteland, it was evident that the climate change alone would be their death. The group only made it about a mile into the wasteland before they perished. Eliza remembers how the sandy and dry air filled their lungs and how hard of a collapse it was to the ground. Eliza was sure they were going to die next to their fallen comrades. The Great Eagle saved them. 

Eliza emerged from The Wasteland with a Great Eagle feather, something so rare and unique that no one even believed their story of adventure.

It took some convincing, but the Magic Guild approached her about making wands for the younger students to practice with while they were learning magic. Her exceptional woodworking skills paired with the fun of playing with random core combinations quickly became something many gifted sought after. Eliza wants nothing more however to see the Great Eagle again, and maybe work out what exactly they are protecting in the Wasteland.   


  • King Nathaniel: Eliza spotted Nathaniel at Dragon’s Lair one year and jested him to try out one of their wands just to see if they could wield it. He could not.
  • Brutus: For some reason these two end up having a good time together whenever Eliza travels through The Ancient Forest.
  • Jae: Eliza tends to scold and tease Jae like a younger sibling.
  • Richard: Eliza enjoys Richards company every spring and summer at Dragon's Lair.


  • What is your favorite piece of material or element to add to a wand?
  • Have you thought about documenting your adventure with the Great Eagle inside the Ravenswood Library?

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