DONNIE is roughly 24 YEARS OLD and is a HUMAN. They resemble AUSTIN BUTLER and is a traveling SEX WORKER. 


Donnie appears confidently lost. Their eyes carry a complicated story with paranoia that creeps upon their visage. Around their neck is a collar that cannot be removed. This magical artifact is a dangerous reminder of the extent of how horrible their family is, and because of this object Donnie wears scarfs and various hooded clothing to hide this from immediate view. Clothes are baggy to give the illusion that they are not in shape or healthy, but this is far from the case. Throughout the years they have trained in various battle styles aiding in their physique, and they like to keep up appearances due to their profession.

Donnie is quick to judge and impulsive, and this puts a damper on most relationships before they even begin. It’s hard for Donnie to find footing on something worth holding onto, whether that is a friendship or significant other, which makes their job that much easier. Traveling is the only way to guarantee survival.

Using new wealthy clients in Brailston or Dragos is an easy way to escape their growing loneliness, and those who purchase time are well aware of this obvious trait. They use it to their advantage, often paying Donnie to risk their life by staying at their homes for extended periods of time rather than going to brothels, as well as paying for other types of adventures inside the bedroom. However, a desperation for affection seems to swell within when Donnie has not had physical contact that did not come with a paycheck. He has a slight obsession with couples in public and attempts to mock their relationships with paid clients hoping to feel something more real.

Donnie is terrified of gifted humans but has managed to meet a rare few who prove to be trustworthy. Their paranoia often has them checking under the bed before sleeping and sometimes has others taste their food before they consume it to avoid poison. They even taking precautions to lock doors and even trunks in the room for fear of something reaching out and getting them while they slumber. 


Donnie was born into a magical family who excelled in transfiguration. Throughout their childhood, they watched them experiment on animals and sometimes humans in the attempt to understand the limits of their gifts. Donnie found it horrifying but they were expected to develop their gifts and contribute to the family business. But as the years went by, they did not show signs of inheriting any of the family’s magical abilities. Becoming an outcast, they found themselves despising the magical people in the cities and resenting their siblings for their excellent gifts. Their mother, in a fit of rage and embarrassment over their behavior, sold them to a horrid warlock who lived in Grimsby at the Old Lighthouse. 

They worked at the place for two decades under the careful and tyrannical eye of the witch. Their handler put the collar around their neck to track Donnie wherever they went and to keep them from sharing their family secrets, never allowing them to be away for too long. Whenever Donnie came in contact with another mage, the collar would react violently and send them into panic attacks and emotional frenzies due to its dark magic. Needless to say, they were never able to find help.

A simple mugging in the Hallowed Oak changed everything. Donnie was stabbed several times and they found it peacefully ironic that their keeper was not alerted in time to save them. Donnie didn’t die but was treated by a group of mages from The Coven of the Mighty Oak until they could walk again. Eventually, they decided to leave the Hallowed Oak after it was explained that the collar could no longer track the same way it did. They were still unable to remove it for the risks of the dark magic inflicting in unknown ways proved dangerous.

Donnie has been on the run for years. Their old keeper has alerted Donnie’s old family that they got away and is most likely alive. They are actively seeking them out to be sure they keep their family’s heinous secrets. Donnie’s fear and constant escape has lead them to be on the move constantly. Making money is the only thing they have ever been successful at.


  • Conway: They heard that there is a witch with exceptional skills in cursed artifacts, but Donnie is sure that their family is watching the old warlock for this very reason. They want to see them eventually; when they know it’s safe.
  • Aaliyah: They were the nicest witch they have ever met and if it weren’t for their quick thinking in the Oak they probably would have died.
  • Ivar: Due to their simular history, Donnie can't help but wish they had been as fortunate has Ivar in the path that could have been their own.
  • Ethan: Ethan is constantly talking about their luck and Donnie has been contemplating stealing that rabbit foot in hopes to aquire its charm. 


  • Which cities do you shy away from? Or do you find it easier to keep rotating between all of them to keep safe?
  • What sort of things have you traded for when your clients don’t have those flashy new coins from the East?

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